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Carry Somers

Founder of Fashion Revolution, a global coalition calling for greater transparency in the fashion supply chain #whomademyclothes

A successful fashion designer for over 20 years, Carry Somers was inspired to act after the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh. Alongside co-founder Orsola de Castro, Carry has built Fashion Revolution into a global coalition calling for systemic reform of the fashion supply chain. In two years, it has grown into a worldwide platform with teams in around 80 countries.

Fashion Revolution Day is an annual appointment on 24 April, the anniversary of the disaster, to tackle some of the fashion industry’s most pressing issues. It will keep the most vulnerable in the supply chain in the public eye and challenge the industry to do better. Fashion Revolution uses the power of fashion to inspire change and reconnect the broken links in the supply chain by asking the question #whomademyclothes?
Who Tanned The Leather For Your Designer

Who Tanned The Leather For Your Designer Bag?

I was visiting unannounced, hoping to talk to workers and managers about the environmental and social problems created by the move. We followed a truck piled high with hides into the Savar Tannery Estate. The smell was a good indication we were approaching the tanneries - a powerful odour which intensified on approach.
16/11/2017 17:25 GMT
Transparency In A Post-Truth

Transparency In A Post-Truth World

For Fashion Revolution, truth means transparency and transparency implies honesty, openness, communication and accountability. Transparency means that if human rights or environmental abuses are discovered, it is far easier for relevant stakeholders to understand what went wrong, who is responsible and how to fix it. It also helps unions, communities and garment workers themselves to more swiftly alert brands to human rights and environmental concerns.
19/01/2017 17:04 GMT
Meet Me at the Airport, Mr

Meet Me at the Airport, Mr President

I am ready to take the President of Honduras up on his offer to visit garment factories in his country and trust that he will keep his word. Meet me at the airport, Mr President.
18/05/2016 15:18 BST
A Moral Sense of

A Moral Sense of Beauty

Before we can rediscover a 'moral sense of beauty' on falling in love with a new dress, we need to know that there is equity behind its beauty. To know that there is equity, we need transparency.
20/04/2016 17:03 BST

Grow Up!

At Fashion Revolution, we want to see a world where clothing brings both physical and emotional well-being to everyone it touches, from the cotton farmer through to the wearer. We are working to bring visibility to all of the hidden faces and voices of the millions of makers of our clothes, highlighting their stories, and showing where change still needs to happen.
18/04/2016 12:06 BST
Creating Transparent Fashion Supply Chains in Rural

Creating Transparent Fashion Supply Chains in Rural Ecuador

The current lack of transparency in fashion supply chains makes it virtually impossible for people to know who made their clothes and accessories. Without knowing #whomademyclothes, how can we know in what conditions they were made?
16/09/2015 17:06 BST