Cassandra Lee Yieng

Writer, artist, musician, mathematician

Cassandra believes that mathematics is for all. She writes and studies how mathematics is relevant to everyday life, creates illustrations and composes music. She aspires to inspire girls to thrive in STEM, showing them that they can make a difference in the world too. Her website is

The Maths Of Snooker

This is a short introduction to the maths of snooker. There are two basic approaches to analysing snooker mathematically: one is the scoring system and the other is the mechanics of the balls in motion.
01/09/2016 15:11 BST

What Productive People Do on a Rainy Day

It's raining as I type this blog post. It's less fun to go out than to stay home. However, instead of watching TV or listening to music, here are some better things we could do.
06/05/2016 13:08 BST

How to Avoid Social Blunders

Firstly, most of us do not bother if another stutters, inserts an "um" mid-sentence, or fidgets a little. Yet for intelligent people like us, we know that a little slip-up could cost dearly. I'm going to focus mainly on public speaking as I think that's where most social blunders take place. Here are a few tips to get yourself in the best shape:
18/04/2016 14:58 BST

How to Fight Boredom

The school or work week easily sags into a void in productivity. Everything seems so routine, and it's hard to keep ourselves awake when we can do nothing but anticipate the same things repeatedly.
15/04/2016 15:17 BST

Housework: Should I or my mother do it?

Therefore, without any excuses, I should do my chores. Yet before I get to them, my mum has already taken over and would rather I studied. I only hope that she releases her book soon.
07/04/2016 11:52 BST

Letter to Educators: We Need Histories of Teams, Not Biographies of Individuals

No man is an island, and this is true not only as a life quote but also at the workplace. Therefore we must adopt a teamwork-based curriculum for schools to prepare students adequately for the real world, and this curriculum begins with emphasising histories of teams, rather than biographies of individuals.
05/04/2016 12:20 BST

Three Privileges Women in STEM Enjoy

ScienceGrrl released a report on the cultural barriers faced by girls and young women pursuing STEM. While it's easy to nod while reading the points raised in it, I'd like to take on a more cheerful perspective on how to solve the underrepresentation of women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Here are three advantages STEM-literate women have:
31/03/2016 11:29 BST

Maths Is Useful. How?

Things are not always what they seem. What have you been taught to accept without question? What have you tried not to explore? What have you been avoiding? Then go and find out the truth yourselves. You'll be surprised at the light you'll find.
29/03/2016 12:17 BST

To Raise Girls' Interest in STEM, Overcome These Three Beliefs

As an arts aficionada taking STEM subjects - in my case mathematics and information engineering, and computer science later this year - I've noticed several beliefs that people who tend to avoid STEM hold. By changing these beliefs, I'm sure more girls will find STEM relevant and worth putting effort into.
29/03/2016 08:30 BST