Cat Henstridge

UK qualified & practicing Vet with a passion for writing!

Cat graduated from Bristol Vet School in 2003 & works as a small animal veterinary surgeon in the West Midlands. She has worked in a wide variety of practices from busy city hospitals to small rural clinics & regularly deals with all kinds of animals and their problems!

She is passionate about spreading the word about good animal health and welfare. She created, which has a wealth of information aboutall aspects of pet care & writes a regular blog on the site. She also writes freelance articles for various outlets.

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See Them Suckling! #Poutforpuppies!

Although much of the general public is aware of the standard advice for buying a dog; always see the puppies with their mother and only buy from a family home, an equal, or greater, number do not or simply don't care.
31/08/2016 09:41 BST

Crufts 2016 - The Good, the Bad and the (Cute but) Ugly

The biggest disappointment of the day for me was the German Shepherd who was crowned the Best of Breed. Really, I thought we had moved on from backs like playground slides. This conformation will only lead to hip displasia, spinal problems and an early death due to the inability to walk. I actually now rarely see GSDs this extreme in the 'real world' and was super surprised, and really sad, to see that they are alive and well in the show ring. Which just goes to show how far removed it is from reality.
16/03/2016 13:13 GMT

What Your Vet Says - And What They Really Mean

When you go to your vet, they have to be reasonably nice to you. They need you to work with them for the health of your pet. They can't annoy you by being too frank. So sometimes, what is coming out of their mouths, is actually a highly edited and extremely tactful version of what is in their heads.
26/02/2016 17:46 GMT

Pugs Can't Dance and Other Canine Confusions

I attend a weekly class at our local dancing school. The one with all the mummies in it trying to relive their youths and thinking they are cool. (We aren't, we know that, but we still have a lot of fun!) Anyway, this week the teacher was talking about her pet pugs and how if they were people they would make terrible dancers.
13/08/2014 13:57 BST

Sled Dogs - Beautiful But Demanding

Whenever I am presented with the gorgeous bundle of fluff and blue eyes that is a sled dog puppy in my clinic, I have a serious chat to the proud new owner about what they are taking on but by this point it is often too late, they are enamoured with their new pet and blind to the potential problems they may have.
09/03/2014 22:14 GMT

The Great Pet Food Debate

I am a big believer in feeding animals pre-prepared pet food. I am not an advocate of making home-cooked meals or raw food diets. We all have busy lives and it is hard enough creating healthy balanced meals for our families, let alone our pets.
30/01/2014 16:58 GMT

Designer Dogs - A Fashion Too Far

A couple of weeks ago I saw a six year old Shih Tzu cross Jack Russell Terrier. He was a lovely healthy chap and as a puppy had cost his owners £50 from a local rescue. During the consult we discussed how now his litter would be marketed as 'pure-bred' Jack-S**ts' & sold for at least £300!
24/01/2014 17:08 GMT