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Catie Wilkins

'Joy Is My Middle Name'

Catie is a comedian and writer. Her debut Edinburgh show 'A Chip Off
The Odd Block' played to sell out audiences and was nominated for the
NOTBBC Best Live Comedy Show. She was also one of DAVE's 'Top Ten
Comedians To Catch.' Catie's first children's book, 'My Best Friend
And Other Enemies' is published in September by Nosy Crow. She also
writes for TV and radio.

Will Joy Help Me Get Through The Last Bit Of The Edinburgh Fringe?

Things have definitely improved since the Olympics finished. But not quite as dramatically as everyone hoped. If the Olympics and Edinburgh were like some kind of patronage divorce - forcing punters to choose between one or the other; then now that the dust has settled, just like in a real divorce, everyone is flat broke.
20/08/2012 14:40 BST

Will Joy Help Me Get Through the Next Bit Of the Edinburgh Fringe?

We've nearly just about completed the first week. We've been here a little while and starting to get bedded in. I can tell because although the comedians still look mainly healthy, they are beginning to look a tiny bit tired. Also my once freshly laundered bed sheets now have a minor food stain on them, and I am about to wash them.
08/08/2012 09:12 BST

Edinburgh Fringe: Will Joy Help Me Get Through?

<a href="" target="_hplink">The Fringe</a> is nearly upon us and I'm going through that classic 'why on earth did I agree to do this' phase of the preparation process. Unfortunately for me that phase has lasted for, well, lets see, it started in May... How is it July now? How?
25/07/2012 12:45 BST