Chanel de Yong

Writer, freelance journalist

Writer/ Freelance journalist

The Swedish Way

Recently, after traveling only two hours and twenty minutes away by airplane, I found my country- my haven. SWEDEN. Now, forget stinking dustbin's, chewing gum stuck on street's, or for that matter; unattractive looking people, because you won't get any of this in Sweden!
05/10/2015 11:45 BST

Is a Steam Room Really a Place to Relax?

I have never wrapped that towel around tighter. Buddah-beauty is now trying to have a conversation with me. As she rambles on, the room is getting hotter and hotter, steam gradually obscuring everything in the room. Her face is now at a half moon, yet she still tries to engage in a conversation with me.
28/10/2014 12:27 GMT

Surviving a Fashion Show at London Fashion Week

Fashion's shows are like run ways for goddess giants from another planet. You get invited the view the latest collection, but you leave feeling ugly, fashion conscious, and scared you look a hobbit.
24/09/2013 11:05 BST

SO Over This Heatwave!

Are you lying in bed completely naked in the starfish position with you're windows wide open and you're still hot? Have you got your first <strong>'sula' (sweaty upper lip ALERT)?</strong> And, is your bag filled with four different water bottles? This British heat wave has definitely caused a dangerous behaviour pattern evident amongst all of us Brits and this bloody heat is the cause of it!
05/08/2013 13:45 BST

Woah There, Can You Be That Fussy?

MY GOD, and I thought I was fussy? Are you that person who asks for extra ketchup or more garlic butter for your pizza at PIZZA EXPRESS, or do you want your dressing on the side?
23/07/2013 11:11 BST

Are You 'Edgy' Enough?

Let's face it, us humans all want to appear cool and different, and the new modern slang for this is called 'edgy'. Most people have a certain interpretation for the word 'edgy' and this is mainly associated with the creative types.
25/06/2013 11:27 BST

Get Naked It's Summer!

Walking into the park you are confronted by see a sea of bodies draped across every part of greenery that once existed. There is nowhere to sit. Space is so desperate that people are bursting into the pathways; everybody is trying to soak up as much sun as they can.
10/06/2013 12:28 BST

Can't Leave Without Touching It

From slinky, sensuous, sexy, silk lingerie, to rough textured coats, us humans cannot shop or even 'browse shop' without touching clothes around us. Surrounded by the array of textures, colours and fabrics we cannot help our selves but touch or pick up the piece of clothing. This is almost like a drug!
28/05/2013 14:15 BST

Facebook Obsessed

<strong>ADMIT IT</strong>. You are always checking your Facebook newsfeed, whether on the office computer at work or on the app on your phone. Yes, you are <strong>OBSESSED!</strong> But why have we all become so engrossed in something so monstrous and so superficial?
23/04/2013 13:46 BST

On Safari at London Fashion Week

All in all, London Fashion Week is a circus of extravagant looks, with each caricature out to compete against the other. Next time you decide to make a trip, it may be a thought to check out your local fancy dress shop first. Who knows, you may decide to dress up as a zebra!
20/02/2013 16:12 GMT

Humans on Tubes

The London underground! It looks like a transportation link merely used by humans for a journey from one place to another, but it's actually a circus of entertainment and embarrassment for you and everyone else!
30/11/2012 16:02 GMT

Trials and Tribulations of an Intern

'I don't think I can'. I've just left university and, like many of my friends, am finding the world of employment impossible! Despite my previous internships as well as qualifications, it seems impossible to get a proper paid job so I find myself taking on intern jobs.
21/11/2012 15:52 GMT