Charlene Hutsebaut

Wellness mentor, corporate speaker, personal trainer

Charlene Hutsebaut is a Canadian Personal Trainer working in London. Her training is a cutting edge fusion of pilates foundations, positive mindset and traditional weight training.

Charlene’s unfailing optimism, encouragement and completely non-judgemental attitude helps empower people to become the hero’s in their own stories.

In 2015 Charlene was honoured to be the only UK woman to make Top Ten Global Finalists in the Life Fitness Personal Trainers to Watch Competition.

She trains at the exclusive St. Pancras Hotel Spa or outdoors in Mother Nature’s gymnasium.

When she isn’t training, sharing a realistic healthy message on social media (@positivelyslim) or making online fitness videos, Charlene runs corporate wellness workshops, writes for Psychologies Magazine Life Labs and is the featured expert in Passport – Monarch Airlines in-flight magazine.

Twitter, Instagram & Facebook - @positivelyslim
Small Pilates Ball

Small Pilates Ball Practice

The small pilates ball is one of my favourite pieces of small equipment which I recommend. It is versatile, light to carry and economical. Use this small pilates ball workout morning or evening to reset or as part of your gym routine. This workout is great for working on your pelvic floor!
16/05/2016 11:26 BST
Two Challenges I Didn't Expect in My

Two Challenges I Didn't Expect in My Forties

Shockingly as such a vibrant active person I was diagnosed with viral meningitis and found myself in a hospital bed for seven days! I was on a ward with people 30-40 years my senior.
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