Charles Elvin

CEO, Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)

Charles Elvin joined ILM in January 2012 as the new Chief Executive from the Open University where he was the Director of the Business to Business Division.

Prior to that, Charles led the British Standards Institution’s global commercial learning and training business. He has also held senior roles in leading blue chip companies including UBS and RM.

Charles is a regular conference speaker and media commentator on the business impact and importance of learning, professional development and use of technologies in learning.

He is a vocal and passionate advocate of the importance of effective leadership and management development within organisations.

ILM is Europe’s leading management organisation. We believe that good leadership and management holds the key to organisational effectiveness and social and economic prosperity.
Ageism at Work Is Widening the Leadership Skills

Ageism at Work Is Widening the Leadership Skills Gap

The benefit of diverse teams is that it encourages innovation through different skills sets, and people working longer contribute to the success of the economy. Essentially over 50s are still the leaders of tomorrow.
25/06/2015 15:32 BST
Love on the

Love on the Agenda

More than 70% of managers surveyed said they had no problem with workplace romance as long as those involved acted professionally.
12/02/2015 14:57 GMT
Employees Behaving

Employees Behaving Badly

The corruption of the world's biggest currency dealers was exposed recently, leading to US and UK regulators imposing £2.6bn of fines on six major banks. Although an extreme example, what we have here is a prime illustration of how bad behaviour in the workplace can have incredibly serious consequences for the organisations involved.
20/11/2014 10:59 GMT
Trust - The Must Have for the 21st Century

Trust - The Must Have for the 21st Century Leader

Trust means many things to many people which can make it quite a somewhat undefinable and vague subject. So what exactly is it? Why does it matter in a business context? And what does it look like in your organisation?
24/10/2014 15:53 BST
A Timely

A Timely Issue

It goes without saying that businesses are concerned about getting the most from their workforce but, it's important that employees are working smart, not just working hard. There's a very important distinction to be made between the number of hours employees work and the productivity of the workforce.
04/08/2014 10:24 BST
Why Values Matter at

Why Values Matter at Work

So why do ethics matter in the workplace and what should you do, as an employee, if you find yourself facing an ethical dilemma?
01/08/2013 15:00 BST