Charli Morgan

PR Director, writer, canvas-botherer, Pulp fanatic

Charli Morgan worked as a journalist and columnist at a veritable pick 'n' mix of publications, before co-founding The Cult PR a few years ago.

After valuable experience as official nipple-counter and penner of fruity interviews at gentlemen's magazine Ice, Charli first fully unleashed her quill at Bizarre Magazine, covering everything from weddings between midgets and giants to people who live their lives as Manga characters. She also enjoyed a bijou stint at The Sunday Telegraph Magazine, working on features including a groundbreaking expose about Saul Kent, the co-founder of the Life Extension Foundation, who cryo-preserved his own mother's head.
Charli also foisted herself upon The Sunday Times Magazine, as well as joining World Entertainment News Network (WENN) as Entertainment Editor, where previous WENN journo Amy Winehouse would spice up the perineum-clenchingly tiresome nightshifts by popping in for sugary tea, gossip and the occasional spliff.

But perhaps her most memorable totter down Fleet Street was on her own showbiz column, The Goss at the Daily Star, which she worked on for more than four years, covering all major showbiz events each year from the Oscars, BRIT Awards, BAFTAs, Cannes Film Festival, each music festival under the mud and everything in between.
During her time at the paper, she also regularly contributed to other publications under the Express Newspapers umbrella, including the Daily Express and OK! Magazine and was the launch presenter of OK! TV, reporting all of the backstage juice and interviewing celebrities on camera at the spiciest events.
Charli also gibbers and rants on 100 Best Chins and similar countdown shows as well as being professionally nosey and opinionated on talkSPORT, Sky News, GMTV and RTL among others.
And she's chuffed to the very core to have a Huffington Post-shaped outlet to mutter and whisper through, like a gin-soaked old nana.

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