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Charlie Webster

Broadcaster, speaker, writer, Ministry of Justice victims advisor and app creator

I am an experienced broadcaster in both TV and radio who has worked globally for major networks and covered some of the biggest events in the world. I am a speaker both motivational and on my advocacy work - sexual and domestic abuse - global health and malaria - mental health/trauma. To name a few, the US senate with the UN, the 2018 Commonwealth summit in London and for President Museveni in Uganda in the charge against malaria in Africa, EU sexual abuse conference. I have recently developed an app called Powerme in the area of children's emotional wellbeing helping to identify and cope with emotions. I am a passionate campaigner in the area of sexual and domestic abuse and child health and sit on the Ministry of Justice Advisory victims panel. I am currently writing my first book! I have done various extreme endurance challenges and campaigns including running 250 miles to and from 40 football clubs to get men talking about domestic and sexual abuse. I raised funds for Women's Aid and got awarded in Parliament as a Fundraising hero. I cycled 3000 miles last year from London, UK to Rio, Brazil. I am an ambassador for Malaria No More and Women's Aid. In 2016 I spent 2 months in hospital after been given 24 hours to live in a coma and on a life support machine. I had 4 life threatening diseases including Malaria. I have interviewed people from the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sly Stallone to Sugar Ray Leonard, and was the first female anchor in the world to host live boxing and a world title fight and the first female football presenter in Asia. I have a degree in Language and Linguistics.
Chrissie Hynde, It Was Not Your

Chrissie Hynde, It Was Not Your Fault

If you are a survivor of sexual abuse the chances are you will have felt and battled with self-blame, the same as Chrissie still is now - and so did I. This is very normal. The most common question in sexual assault is "Was it my fault?" There are no actions anyone can ever take that make sexual abuse permissible. The offender is always responsible for their actions. What we should be looking at, is why "was it my fault?" is the most common question and how we change this.
02/09/2015 13:01 BST
'Ey Up' Le Tour de

'Ey Up' Le Tour de France

I finished with most incredible feeling and sense of achievement, a very swollen right leg, an open blister on my bum, and sausage and mash. I wonder if the pros will finish the UK part of Le Tour the same?!
03/07/2014 16:53 BST
And People Wonder Why I

And People Wonder Why I Run...

I had been selected by Nike Running to join a team that had carefully been put together from all over the world to run from Mount Hood to the Pacific Ocean. Our team was called 'We run free!' After a delicious dinner to get to know my fellow runners my bubble was burst.
19/06/2014 16:10 BST
Blame the Victim, You'll Feel

Blame the Victim, You'll Feel Better

One of the reasons why there is difficulty in a public discussion and not an open forum about sexual assault is that those who have experienced it and are therefore credible to talk about don't because of the attitudes shown towards the victims. In fact only a small percentage actually report the crime for fear of not being believed. Why are there still these warped and very sad misconceptions of a crime so devastating? This societal view of victim blaming leads to further victim suffering, miscarriages of justice and a continuing risk to our loved ones. Why do we victim blame? Is it to protect our own vulnerability?
05/06/2014 17:06 BST
Not Just for Olympians: How to Find Your Own Personal Best in Every Walk of

Not Just for Olympians: How to Find Your Own Personal Best in Every Walk of Life

A person with self-belief can aspire to be whoever they want to be, take their own path, strive confidently with aspirations, without getting bogged down in having to be who society tells them they are, what society tells them they should be, what society tells them they WILL be. A person with self-belief can thrive through their potential because they believe they are worthy.
22/07/2013 17:22 BST
'The Great Apple Pie

'The Great Apple Pie Scam'

Worldwide there are 35 million people with dementia - these numbers are set to double in the next 20 years. A shocking statistic, but it is a reality.
25/03/2013 17:41 GMT
Be Strong. Be Confident. Be

Be Strong. Be Confident. Be You.

If you are a young girl wearing a hoody you are a thug. If you are a young woman wearing a skirt in an office, you are weak. If you are a woman on a night out wearing a short dress, you are 'asking for it.' If you are considered attractive you are stupid and less capable than your male counterpart. Who decided this? Why is this socially acceptable?
08/03/2013 10:35 GMT