Charlie Brades

TV producer, writer & feminist superhero

The revolution began when I was told I couldn't do cart-wheels because people would see my knickers.

First female shepherd in St Peters Infant School nativity, TV Producer and writer on feminism, politics & social issues.


Why Politician Dream Girls Support 50:50 Parliament

Life experiences really shape the way we see the world and Parliament needs to reflect a diverse range of experiences and worldviews. Women are a part of that. But this isn't just about women, it's about LGBT, race, disability and social economic back grounds. Parliament make and change our laws, it's not good enough to be waiting so long to finish the work of human rights campaigners. There is a very easy way to make sure our parliament is as current as we are, it is this: representation, representation, representation.
06/05/2015 21:19 BST

Mental Health: Facing My Self-Stigma

I've got something to tell you. My mother has suffered with mental health issues since I was born. I have never known Mum completely free from her bipolar/depression/schizophrenia/psychosis. You see, she has been diagnosed and re-diagnosed more times than I care to remember. W
14/10/2014 11:09 BST