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21-year-old English & Philosophy student at University of Bristol. Film & TV Editor @ Epigram. Contributor @ Huffington Post and Bristol 24/7. General artsy type

The Rise Of Crowdfunded Animation

There is, however, a new trend emerging in the world of animated cinema. Where big-budget animated features in both the East and West were previously reserved for the industry giants like Disney and Studio Ghibli, a new kind of beast is beginning to emerge: a best by the name of crowdfunding.
13/10/2017 11:09 BST

'You Were Born Broken' - Bojack Horseman And The Impact Of Family On Mental Health

As <em>Bojack Horseman</em> moved through its first three seasons, the comedy seemed more and more to take a back seat to its discourse on mental health. This most recent series, like its preceding season, is still full of laugh out loud humour, but continues to confront the audience with challenging scenes and a refreshingly three-dimensional depiction of mental-health issues.
11/09/2017 17:29 BST

Twin Peaks: The Return - Frustratingly Brilliant

It's a real test of patience, and some fans of the original iteration will probably find themselves disappointed. But if you're willing to invest the time, the pay-off that <em>The Return</em> delivers is huge. The unprecedented originality and vision of Lynch is worth the investment of 18 hours.
05/09/2017 17:55 BST

50 Years of Racism and Rom-Coms

So while you may not expect it, romantic-comedies are actually a perfect tool for discussing racial issues and fighting against discrimination. By making us laugh, a well-made rom-com can make us reconsider just how nonsensical some of our prejudices are.
23/08/2017 15:54 BST

How Dunkirk Just Changed The Way We Film War

<em>Dunkirk</em> zooms out from the individual tragedies of war and focuses on the wide-scale disregard for human life which war itself leads to. It would have been easy for Nolan to drop in a few conversations between Whitehead and Styles about their families back home, a crush they want to propose to when they return, or some other war-time cliché, but he avoids this like the plague. He decides instead to keep the movie cold and detached.
31/07/2017 15:20 BST