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Charlie Mullins

CEO Pimlico Plumbers – UK’s biggest independent plumbers

Charlie Mullins left school at 15 with no academic qualifications and embarked on a four-year plumbing apprenticeship which set the foundation for his success. Once qualified he set up a plumbing firm in a basement of an estate agent in Pimlico. The firm was aptly named Pimlico Plumbers. Today, Pimlico Plumbers is the UK’s biggest independent plumbers

Labour Leaping Down From Its Ladder Of Weak Promises

When you leave Corbyn to "deal with it" as he so proudly said during the election, you should know the job won't get done. Unlike my engineers at Pimlico Plumbers, Corbyn doesn't understand how to make good on a promise and deliver on what people have signed up for.
20/07/2017 13:44 BST

Enough Of The Political Sideshows - Bring On June 8th So We Can Get Back To Good Governing!

With the general election just under a month away, I can already feel the anguish seeping out of the Labour party. The cries from the local councillors who were destroyed last week was a blatant warning to the Labour parliamentary candidates of what's to come. May's mayhem is mortaring all over Labour in the lead up to June 8th, with everyone besides Corbyn predicting the majority of casualties will be those who bleed red.
11/05/2017 11:42 BST

The Apprenticeship Levy - Don't Let Companies Hide Behind Training!

The Levy tax can be used to fund new apprenticeships - something which I've been an advocate of for many years. As a former apprentice myself, I've always practiced what I preach and Pimlico Plumbers has always taken on apprentices, in our corporate offices, as well as amongst our engineers.
06/04/2017 11:29 BST

Taking The Government To Court Over Article 50 Is Doing Them A Favour!

It's now more than three months since it was decided by referendum that the United Kingdom should withdraw from the European Union (EU). The vote, established by The European Referendum Act 2015 was 'advisory', but despite what people might think I'm one former Remain campaigner who doesn't support overturning the decision made by a majority of voters on June 23.
12/10/2016 12:10 BST

David Cameron Was a Courageous Leader Who Put Country Above Self to the Very End!

Throughout his political career, first as leader of the opposition, then as PM under coalition conditions, David Cameron did the best for his country, often at personal and political cost to himself, and for me that elevates him way beyond being merely a successful politician, and into the realm of true statesman.
15/07/2016 11:25 BST

The EU Referendum: I Hope We Can Think Our Way Past A Dogmatic Response!

Personally I hope we can think our way past a dogmatic response and get a Remain result come tomorrow morning, and I hope that during the course of the past few months some who thought that, given the chance to have their say, would vote to Leave the EU, might decide to Remain after all.
23/06/2016 15:28 BST

Is Corbyn an Undercover Agent for Vote Leave?

Is Jeremy Corbyn such an inept politician that after months of campaigning in the EU referendum it still feels like he doesn't give a damn about remaining inside the European Union, even if he occasionally whispers that he does? Or would it suit him and his Socialist cabal, currently in control of the Labour Party, for the Brexiteers to drag Britain back to an era of politics they understand?
14/06/2016 12:33 BST

Free Lunchers Don't Have a Clue What Brexit Britain Would Be Like!

Life has taught me a few very sound lessons, and one of the most basic is that you don't ever get something for nothing, which sounds much better in the phrase 'there's no such thing as a free lunch.' Which, it would seem, is exactly what the likes of Douglas Carswell and Nigel Farage of the Europe Quitters Campaign, would have us believe.
11/01/2016 12:47 GMT

More Evidence That Welfare Dependence Can Be Reversed - From A Focused Chancellor!

This budget provides evidence not only of George Osborn's determination to transform the UK's high tax, high welfare economy into a more prosperous low tax, low welfare dependence one, but also of the real possibility that if we stick to a combination of push and pull policies, this once considered impossible outcome, can be achieved.
09/07/2015 12:19 BST

Has the Tide Turned on the Criminals Running Banking?

On Wednesday night in his Mansion House Speech the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, signaled the end to the 'culture of impunity' for those pin-striped villains known as bankers, who have for so long shown so much contempt for the law.
15/06/2015 10:54 BST