Charlotte Eagar

Film-maker Journalist, author of Girl in the FIlm, and co-writer award-winning rom com short Scooterman

Charlotte Eagar is an award-winning journalist, novelist and filmmaker, author of The Girl in the Film, a novel set during the siege of Sarajevo, and co-writer and co-producer of Scooterman, an award-winning short romantic comedy. She lives in London with her husband, the writer William Stirling.
Syria - The Trojan

Syria - The Trojan Women

I stood in the Frontline Club behind the podium, staring at the row of faces I was asking for money. Behind me on a projector ran a constant loop of harrowing images from the Syrian war - the dead, the wounded, the broken cities; young men with gasmasks to protect against chemical weapons attacks, women and children forced to leave their homes, huddled, hundreds to a room in the foreign lands where they've been forced to take refuge.
01/10/2013 12:36 BST
Europe's Last

Europe's Last Dictator

Don't get me wrong - the EU does know this isn't right. We've had sanctions against Belarus for the last few years. But the irony is that the sanctions aren't working - not just on Belarus, but on our own companies.
10/06/2013 17:58 BST
Coming Up Smelling of

Coming Up Smelling of Jasmine

Last night I did something both of the moment and strangely nostalgic. My young cousin Victor organized the Jasmine Ball, in aid of Unicef's Syrian Children's Appeal.
10/03/2013 20:57 GMT
Tasting the Memories of the Land of Blood and

Tasting the Memories of the Land of Blood and Honey

Strange that in an industry so hungry for stories, it's taken someone of Angelina Jolie's stature to get a film about Bosnia off the ground. It doesn't matter how much real human drama and tragedy stalked its mountains, there's a perception in Hollywood that films about Bosnia don't make money. Too complicated, they say, three sides.
24/01/2012 22:55 GMT