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Charlotte Elizabeth

Writer and Founder of British-made handbag business, Charlotte Elizabeth.

Blogger and owner of British-made handbag business, Charlotte Elizabeth. SVT, ME, & PoTS sufferer. Proudly supported by The Prince's Trust.

How I Overcame Paralysis And Hitting Rock Bottom

Today I live to know the secret to what I wish I had known before, that we cannot stop our fears from happening, but we can learn to live beyond our fears, to use them as our greatest catalyst and to fight each day for our fears fear - our dreams.
20/06/2016 15:28 BST

How The Prince's Trust Helped Me Through Severe Disability

Two years on from my original idea and I have now launched my business. I have one style of handbag in four different colours, waiting to enter someones life of memories and chapters. Though the basis of my business is about the design of my products, I aim to encourage other businesses to support our treasured craftspeople of the country.
18/03/2016 11:39 GMT