Chi Onwurah

Labour MP for Newcastle upon Tyne Central

Labour MP for Newcastle upon Tyne Central

A Taxing Time for Privilege

I am not saying that wealth or an Eton education are a bar on holding public office. Clearly the opposite appears to be the case. But they are a barrier to understanding - as opposed to manipulating - the lives of the vast majority of people in this country. That is why steelworkers are left to face the unmitigated effects of free global markets whilst those much better able to, in terms of wealth and social assets, are protected by a network of privilege.
11/04/2016 17:03 BST

Understanding the Importance of Universal Digital Suffrage

In the 19th Century the Tories finally came round to the idea that universal suffrage was a democratic prerequisite. As change is happening more quickly, we shall seek to make them understand the importance of universal digital suffrage in the next few years.
03/06/2015 12:36 BST

Why I Am Not Surprised That 54% of Us Cannot Name a Female Scientist

What I think is new now is a broader recognition that it's a question of UK competitiveness - excluding half our population from the technical skills pool and limiting our innovation to the imaginations of one narrow demographic. As well as being overwhelmingly male STEM professionals are much more likely to be white and middle class than the population as a whole.
01/04/2014 09:44 BST

Gendered Marketing Perpetuates Stereotypes, Constrains Minds and Limits Our Children's Potential

Before entering Parliament I spent two decades working as a professional electrical engineer across three continents. Regardless of the geographic location or the size of the company it was always a predominately or all male environment. But it is only when I walk into a toy store that I feel I am really experiencing gender segregation. At some point over the last three decades the toy industry decided that parents and children could not be trusted to choose to what to buy without colour coded gender labelling.
05/02/2014 09:14 GMT