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Chloe Gunning

Travel blogger, creative producer and adventurer

Chloe is a constant jetsetter, and loves sharing her adventures from across the globe. From boarding down an active volcano in Nicaragua, to swimming in waterfalls in Hawaii and even hang gliding in Rio, she's passionate about inspiring others to follow in her footsteps. She's also a total foodie, so her blog and Instagram are guaranteed to make you seriously hungry. 2018 is shaping up to be another year of exciting travels for Chloe, as she heads from sunny Mexico to snowy Canada over the next month. She's been blogging for just over three years, after quitting an impressive job in the entertainment industry for a life of travel. She's never looked back!
The Dark Side Of A Life Of

The Dark Side Of A Life Of Travel

With this unconventional career comes a life of clichés. I've 'found' myself... several times in fact. I've learned to appreciate those 'little things', and a few big ones too. I've had more life changing experiences in the past two years than the previous 29 put together.
20/03/2017 14:41 GMT
A Quick Guide To

A Quick Guide To Marrakech

Dusty, hot, chaotic, overwhelming and unfriendly. That's what I was expecting Morocco's 'red city' Marrakech to be like. From descriptions by friends, I didn't think I would like it, but hey - it would be an 'experience'.
06/04/2016 11:26 BST
Is Slovenia Europe's Most Underrated

Is Slovenia Europe's Most Underrated Country?

You know that magical moment when you've flown somewhere at night, only to open the curtains the next day and see an incredible, unexpected world outside your window. That's how my time in Slovenia began! ALMOST.
22/12/2015 15:48 GMT
London Foodie Update: Little Bao at Soho Kitchen and

London Foodie Update: Little Bao at Soho Kitchen and Bar

The traditional Chinese steamed buns, filled with a variety of ingredients, have popped up for a special week at Soho Kitchen & Bar. Chef and creator of Little Bao, May Chow, has brought her burger-style steamed buns all the way from Hong Kong where they've earned quite a following.
08/09/2015 11:33 BST
London Foodie Update: It's All About

London Foodie Update: It's All About Balls

So what's the latest in the London foodie scene of single-item restaurants? BALLS. Yes, you heard me right. But not just any balls... we're talking super-cheffy gourmet balls made from fine ingredients, and served with delicious accompaniments. Welcome to buzzing Soho restaurant: Balls & Company.
21/08/2015 14:00 BST
The Greatest Decision I Almost Didn't Make... ONE YEAR

The Greatest Decision I Almost Didn't Make... ONE YEAR ON!

YES! I can honestly say I have no regrets. Before I left, I was anxious about my trip, especially as I was travelling solo. While away I made tonnes of new friends from across the globe - some I would consider to be friends for life! Travel experiences create strong bonds and special friendships.
12/08/2015 17:09 BST
The Perfect 24 Hours in Istanbul,

The Perfect 24 Hours in Istanbul, Turkey

Eating fish sandwiches on Galata Bridge and haggling in the Grand Bazaar... most guide books will describe these as unmissable experiences. But there's plenty more to Istanbul. Here is my guide to the perfect 24 hours in an incredible city!
04/06/2015 14:33 BST
Why Cappadocia Should Be on Your Holiday

Why Cappadocia Should Be on Your Holiday Radar

A trip to Cappadocia offers the perfect break from the vibrant, frenetic city of Istanbul. So next time you're thinking about booking a holiday to Turkey, skip the resorts, and go on a Cappdocian adventure!
20/05/2015 11:10 BST
The Best Street Food In

The Best Street Food In London

Over the past week I've discovered three amazing places to eat in Central London, without spending a fortune. The key to all of them - they all serve street food and are great options as the sun starts to make a regular appearance.
17/04/2015 14:21 BST
A Special Moment With A

A Special Moment With A Stranger

I blush. I know where this is going, and unfortunately I don't feel he's my type. At this point I would usually run a mile, but instead I stand there and share a rare moment of conversation with a stranger.
13/04/2015 13:04 BST
London's Funniest Trip Advisor

London's Funniest Trip Advisor Reviews

In addition to those, I've discovered another category. A category for the confused... The people who either don't quite get it, or are attempting a moment of comedy. Didn't they read up on what they were visiting in advance? Were they facing the wrong way? All I know is they provide some brilliant entertainment for the rest of us!
30/03/2015 14:21 BST