Chris Barez-Brown


Best selling author, speaker and business beatnik Chris Baréz-Brown has a rather unusual view of the world in that he knows that everybody is perfect.
As we grow, develop and socialise we can lose touch with that brilliance and often become somebody we’re not.

Chris founded his Dorset based company Upping Your Elvis in 2009 to help people reconnect with their inner genius and once again become confident in being who they truly are. Although that may seem rather hippie to some, his results produce tangible returns on investment for companies such as Unilever, Nike, Diageo and ITV, who come back time and again for his unique and energetic approach to transforming their people and their businesses.The Guardian recently described Chris as a long haired, twinkly eyed cross between Richard Branson and a wizard.

He combines an eclectic professional background including time in the army, brand management, innovation and leadership development, with his fascination for people and the more esoteric practices of Reiki, meditation, shamanism, hypnotherapy and cider drinking. All of which make his take on work refreshing, simple and inspiring.

Chris is the author of How to Have Kick-Ass Ideas, a best-selling Harper Collins book. His second book, Shine – How to Survive and Thrive at Work published by Penguin, was lauded “Business Book of the Month”. His third book, FREE!: Love Your Work, Love Your Life helps us further shake up our view of how we can be even more extraordinary in business.