Chris Barez-Brown


Best selling author, speaker and business beatnik Chris Baréz-Brown has a rather unusual view of the world in that he knows that everybody is perfect.
As we grow, develop and socialise we can lose touch with that brilliance and often become somebody we’re not.

Chris founded his Dorset based company Upping Your Elvis in 2009 to help people reconnect with their inner genius and once again become confident in being who they truly are. Although that may seem rather hippie to some, his results produce tangible returns on investment for companies such as Unilever, Nike, Diageo and ITV, who come back time and again for his unique and energetic approach to transforming their people and their businesses.The Guardian recently described Chris as a long haired, twinkly eyed cross between Richard Branson and a wizard.

He combines an eclectic professional background including time in the army, brand management, innovation and leadership development, with his fascination for people and the more esoteric practices of Reiki, meditation, shamanism, hypnotherapy and cider drinking. All of which make his take on work refreshing, simple and inspiring.

Chris is the author of How to Have Kick-Ass Ideas, a best-selling Harper Collins book. His second book, Shine – How to Survive and Thrive at Work published by Penguin, was lauded “Business Book of the Month”. His third book, FREE!: Love Your Work, Love Your Life helps us further shake up our view of how we can be even more extraordinary in business.
How To Switch Off Your Autopilot And Wake

How To Switch Off Your Autopilot And Wake Up!

The key to getting off autopilot is to embrace new experiences. Get some increments of control and it will pay back exponentially. An extra 5 minutes of consciousness a day will change your life. Something fun that will grab our attention and help us become more aware of ourselves and the world in which we live.
01/11/2017 11:53 GMT
What I Learnt From My TedX

What I Learnt From My TedX talk

Recently, I was asked to deliver one myself as a contributor to <a href="" target="_hplink">TedX Utrecht</a>, and was chuffed to bits. What I didn't realise was that TED was going to teach me some more lessons.
15/02/2016 22:40 GMT
How to Stop Getting Cross at

How to Stop Getting Cross at Work

The pace of change in technology, society and innovation has accelerated continually in the last 50 years and become an exciting high speed journey along the information superhighway.
22/09/2015 11:50 BST
Don't Just Stand There, Do

Don't Just Stand There, Do Something!

Even the careers of our dreams can become dissatisfying. These guys have funds which allow them more choices. For them walking away knowing you have a golden egg in the bank, with the only possible downside being that you may have to sell the second weekend house in Malibu, doesn't seem the end of the world. But what can the rest of us do when we are 'just not feeling it anymore' and walking away isn't the simple option?
08/06/2015 16:59 BST
Assess Your Happiness This

Assess Your Happiness This Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time for us to step back from all the busyness that surrounds us so that we can get a clearer look at who we are and where we are going in our lives. A simple way to help us make the most of this opportunity is to 'unplug'.
22/12/2014 06:38 GMT
Stop Whingeing and

Stop Whingeing and Smile!

Last Friday I missed my train by three minutes. It meant I had to wait another hour to get home and therefore missed dinner with my wife. I had been on the road for over a week in countless different hotels, had travelled far and wide and therefore was tired and emotional. I felt really sorry for myself.
19/06/2014 15:01 BST
Street Wisdom - Answers Are

Street Wisdom - Answers Are Everywhere

The whole premise of Street Wisdom is that you pay attention, 'tune in' to the street and find solutions to long-held problems you might have had in your personal or professional life. The answers are all out there we just need to give ourselves time and learn how to get ourselves into our present.
19/05/2014 15:01 BST
Mischievous Creativity - why being bad can be good for

Mischievous Creativity - why being bad can be good for business

If when you're working you were to change your perception of what's right and wrong when it comes to thinking about the future, you'll be amazed how liberating it can also be. Get devilish when playing the business game and notice how easy it is to come up with very provocative ideas.
17/02/2014 11:29 GMT