Chris Jones

Chief Executive of City & Guilds Group

Chris Jones is CEO of the City & Guilds Group, a global leader in skills development. This includes City & Guilds activity as an awarding body in the UK, ILM, City & Guilds Kineo, which supports employers with learning and technology, The Oxford Group which provides bespoke management training and Digital me which designs credentials using open badges.

Chris plays a prominent role in driving the national skills agenda – something he has personal experience of as he followed the vocational education path himself. After a year of university, he decided to leave to take a practical marketing and sales course, which set the foundation for his career. He is a member of the Business in the Community Talent and Skills Leadership team and the Employers in Education Taskforce Partnership Board. He is also a Governor at the Activate Learning group of colleges, formerly the Oxford and Cherwell Valley College Group.

Before joining City & Guilds, Chris held several senior management positions in Pearson and Reed Elsevier. In his former post, he transformed Harcourt Education International, implementing a customer-centred vision to grow revenue. Chris also served as Senior Vice President at LexisNexis Risk Management Group and Group Director at Financial Times Electronic Publishing.
17 Going On 70: The Workforce Of The

17 Going On 70: The Workforce Of The Future

It's no lie that people are living longer. There are now five generations in the workforce - and this is going to become the norm. It'd be foolish to think that this won't change the way we hire and train our staff, so it's vital that businesses adapt too. That means understanding the need to hire and train staff differently.
19/01/2017 12:38 GMT
The Future World of Work Is Changing - Are We

The Future World of Work Is Changing - Are We Ready?

We'll never be able to predict perfectly what the future workplace could look like. But the bottom line is, businesses and individuals need to be prepared so they are in a stronger position for whatever the new world holds.
17/06/2016 12:33 BST
Apprenticeship Levy: Friend or

Apprenticeship Levy: Friend or Foe?

Last week's National Apprenticeship Week was full of discussion. We heard about the productivity gains of hiring apprentices, and concerns around the gender divide. We celebrated the amazing things apprentices have achieved, and heard from business leaders who are pledging to create more apprenticeships.
23/03/2016 11:07 GMT
Where Will The Jobs Be In

Where Will The Jobs Be In 2022?

City & Guilds conducted research to understand this better. We found a huge mismatch between what careers 14-19 years olds want to pursue and where the jobs will actually be. For example, more than 15% of young people said they want a career in arts, entertainment and presenting. Yet, less than 5% of all jobs will be in this industry by 2022, according to job forecasts.
06/12/2015 00:20 GMT
What's Got London

What's Got London Giving?

We're proud of our strong, historical links to the City - and proud to showcase the many ways organisations like ours make other people's lives better. The City of London brings together hundreds of thousands of people every day, all of whom can make a difference. I'd encourage all businesses to take part, even if you aren't located in the City, so you can join the celebration of charitable giving.
29/09/2015 15:13 BST
A Responsible Business' Greatest Asset - Its

A Responsible Business' Greatest Asset - Its People

If you really want staff your staff to be loyal, you have to enable their development at every step of their career. That involves supporting them to do their current job, helping them progress on that job, and eventually, helping them to move onto the next job.
29/04/2015 22:33 BST
Apprenticeships: What's in a

Apprenticeships: What's in a Name?

There's nothing wrong with the concept of gaining practical skills alongside academic study, but that's what 'sandwich year' university programmes already offer. Is it truly an apprenticeship, then, or is it simply re-packaged?
19/03/2015 10:11 GMT
Politicians Agree on This One

Politicians Agree on This One Issue

Politicians aren't known to agree, but they did reach a consensus on one thing last week: how poor careers advice is in the UK. That's probably not surprising to anyone who's recently come through the school system, which is why representatives of the three major political parties are calling for huge improvements.
06/03/2015 13:01 GMT
How Politicians Can Mind the Closing

How Politicians Can Mind the Closing Doors

We're calling on politicians to think before they leap. City & Guilds wants to see long-term planning instead of short-term headline grabbing. If politicians can't learn from mistakes and leave policies in place long enough to make a difference, they risk another three decades of getting caught in the tube doors.
13/01/2015 15:37 GMT
Good, But Could Do

Good, But Could Do Better

The shopping is done, the presents are wrapped and plans have been made. Yes, Christmas is just around the corner. And before we know it, we'll be toasting in the New Year. People say things tend to quieten down for businesses around this time of year, but this certainly hasn't been the case in the skills and employment arena. Quite the opposite, in fact.
23/12/2014 06:42 GMT
Why Plumbing and History Are Not Created

Why Plumbing and History Are Not Created Equal

Student loan debt is scary, but you also worry about finding a job without a degree. Then you have to factor in your parents' opinions. Mum wants you to be a doctor; dad wants you to be an engineer. And you don't want to disappoint the good people who've kept you fed and clothed all these years...
12/11/2014 13:07 GMT
Mums and Dads Don't Think Their Kids Are

Mums and Dads Don't Think Their Kids Are Employable

So why do parents think the education system isn't working? The majority of parents (64%) said their children are missing out on the key skills that employers want, like communication and teamwork. And over half (57%) think there's too much focus on academia. Similarly, a third of parents worry that their children can't link their education today with their future careers.
03/11/2014 15:59 GMT
Global Competitiveness: Good But Room for

Global Competitiveness: Good But Room for Improvement

The annual report ranks the wealth and productivity of a country, and shows how good its long-term economic policies are. But even though we may perceive ourselves as forward-thinking, we aren't beating the likes of Singapore, Japan, and The Netherlands. So what's the secret for reaching the top?
09/09/2014 13:10 BST
The Many Ways to Be

The Many Ways to Be Smart

Too many students believe that straight As are the only golden ticket to a fantastic career, and write-off the value of broader workplace skills. We shouldn't let young people fall into the trap of thinking that exams are all that matter.
25/07/2014 16:03 BST
Education: What Can We Learn From Other

Education: What Can We Learn From Other Countries?

The British education system is failing millions - or at least that's what you might think from some of the stories in the news. It's a common sentiment, especially after the PISA report showed just how bad our 'stagnating' ranking was...
30/06/2014 14:57 BST