Chris Lowry

Junior doctor, family man, follower of Jesus & full time extrovert

With 11 years of medical training, and 6 years as a junior doctor, Chris is - nearly - a proper grown up GP.

Passionate about helping patients *and* doctors, he helps run, a free medical revison website for anyone who wishes to learn medicine.

He blogs fairly regularly at his personal site,, and with his wife Katherine on their family blog at 

Very keen on running, cycling, triathlon - and eating enough pizza to completely counteract that - he provides personal fitness and healthy living advice over at Get Fit with Chris.

Other achievements include eating trifle, published work in Outdoor Fitness magazine, crowd and team doctor for Boston United Football Club, and a predilection for camping in terrible weather.
What Next? How We Save The

What Next? How We Save The NHS

So, what's next? We could get all angry; but we have a responsibility as doctors. We have a duty to remain professional, to protect patients, and to save the NHS. We want to prevent damaging, poorly thought out reforms, whilst holding strong to the cornerstone of modern medicine: evidence based practice with patient care as a priority.
14/02/2016 22:18 GMT
The Juniors Doctors Aren't Striking For

The Juniors Doctors Aren't Striking For Themselves

This week, the junior doctors are going on strike. Again. Most of the people reading this won't know why. All these professionals, who claim to be committed to caring for some of the most vulnerable in our society, why would they refuse to turn up to work? The government has done its best to confuse the issue.
07/02/2016 23:20 GMT
'Will I Be Able to See You Next

'Will I Be Able to See You Next Time?'

We seem to be afraid to say it, but the NHS needs patients to take some responsibility for minor ailments. Every doctor you will see has a hundred stories about patients attending needlessly. We need a prescription of that very British quality: good old common sense.
12/01/2016 08:23 GMT