Chris Terrill

Documentary maker

Chris Terrill was born in Brighton and educated at Brighton College and Durham University. After graduating he became a professional anthropologist living and working amongst the remote Acholi people
of Southern Sudan. Later, working for the UN, he worked as a disaster consultant in the drought and war ravaged areas of Ethiopia and northern Sudan.

After this he started working for BBC World Service as a specialist in African affairs and this, led, in time to a switch to television where he discovered a passion for making documentaries.

Since then he has established himself as one of the foremost documentary makers in the country - specialising in films about people and communities as well as the military and high adventure. His films are shown worldwide and he has received many awards – including an Emmy for outstanding investigative journalism and a Royal Television Society award for innovation.

Chris works alone, without a conventional crew, giving his films the very intimate and personal flavour that has become his trademark.
When filming with the Royal Marines Commandos both in training and on the front line in Afghanistan he became not only the only civilian to pass the gruelling commando tests but also, at 55, the oldest person ever to pass them. For this he was awarded an honorary green beret which remains his proudest possession.

The website for his production company is

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