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Chris Smith

Money, business and travel writer. Big football fan.

I primarily cover financial and small business news and advice, but have been known to get involved in with whatever I can. I lend my knowledge to small businesses, particularly those looking to transition on to digital, and startups looking to get off to the best possible start.
Colleges And Clients: Starting A Business As A

Colleges And Clients: Starting A Business As A Student

Many of the world's top business minds started their businesses, or had their initial ideas at least whilst working as students in college or university. Amongst this group, some completed their qualifications before developing their business idea, whilst others were so committed to their idea that they gave up full time education to pursue their ideas full time.
11/05/2017 11:54 BST
Money and Generation Z: A Perfect

Money and Generation Z: A Perfect Match?

You can imagine a baby boomer with a nice suit, coming back from working at a company where they've worked for the last 50 years. A Gen X, with long, flowing hair, protesting for civil/woman's rights. A millennial surfing the net, thinking up a new way of how it can make them money. A Gen Z with...well, that really hasn't been defined yet, has it?
08/06/2016 17:11 BST
Reducing Stress With Creative Money

Reducing Stress With Creative Money Management

The UK's stress and personal debt statistics speak for themselves. And the way things are right now, they don't make for a pretty sight. The long cycle of downturn to recovery doesn't feel like it's fully over yet. Maybe reading the news headlines hasn't helped my optimism - they do have a tendency to relay information in a brutal and stark kind of way. Here are some examples of this very phenomenon in action:
03/06/2015 09:44 BST
Always Think

Always Think Ahead

Yes, it might be the home that you start your family in and spend the rest of your days in - however, it's more likely that you won't. Statistically, you will pack up sticks and move onto somewhere bigger and better after 13 years.
17/03/2015 15:01 GMT
The Cost of Injuries In

The Cost of Injuries In Football

The old saying goes that money makes the world go round and this is no different for the world of football, in fact it probably has more truth to it. Despite the obvious glory and prestige that comes with winning games and competitions, prize money is at the root of having a competitive football team. Add on the extra incentives of television money, sponsorship deals and endorsements, there is definitely a lot to gain in having a top class football team...
21/10/2014 11:25 BST
What Is Happening to Scottish

What Is Happening to Scottish Football?

What happened to the days of household names such as Larsson and Gascoigne playing their trade in Scotland? What happened to the days when clubs in Scotland could buy and even produce players that cost £10 million plus? What happened to Scottish teams reaching the finals of European competitions?
01/08/2014 11:51 BST