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Christian Coates

CEO of Soulmatefood, best-selling author and nutrition expert

Christian founded Soulmatefood in 2008 based on the conviction that he could bring the power of healthy cuisine direct to people’s doorsteps – to help make a real difference to their health and wellbeing. Recognising that people today lead increasingly hectic lifestyles, with the added pressure of looking good, Christian saw the need for healthy, accessible cuisine and built Soulmatefood to create a gourmet diet service for the real world.

Building on their success for Team GB at London’s 2012 Olympic Games, where Soulmatefood was the only external nutrition service for athletes in the Olympic village, Soulmatefood continues to work with Team GB nutritionists to cater for many athletes – from boxers and judo experts to tennis players and cyclists.

As well as having Soulmatefood Kitchen in London’s luxury department store Harrods, Soulmatefood has created a new Diet Code concept that has been rolled out through Virgin Active gyms. The partnership includes 25 Soulmatefood Juice Bars and menus across 60 gyms nationwide.

Author of best-selling nutritional cookbook, Fitness Gourmet.

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