Christian Fuchs

Media and communication researcher, critical theorist, digital sociology, Prof@University of Westminster

Christian Fuchs is a critical theorist, writer, and academic who studies the role of communication and digital media in society. He is a professor at the University of Westminster, co-editor of the open access journal tripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique - and author of books such as "Digital Demagogue: Authoritarian Capitalism in the Age of Trump and Twitter", "Social Media: A Critical Introduction" or "Critical Theory of Communication" Web:

The Facebook/Admiral Scandal Shows The Limits And Dangers Of Big Data Capitalism

Risk is the insurance's commodity: Humans are looking for certainty in an uncertain world and insurance companies promise them means of managing risk. Insurance companies' capital accumulation model is that they seek for ways of minimising the number of actual insurance events in order to maximise their profits.
04/11/2016 14:18 GMT