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Christopher Dines

Mindfulness teacher and writer, author of six books. Co-author of "The Kindess Habit".

Biography Christopher Dines is a London-born British mindfulness teacher, trainer, writer, and former house DJ/producer. DJ, producer and promoter (1994-2006) Having a deep love for music, Christopher left high school at fifteen to pursue a full-time career as an electronic house DJ. At fifteen, Christopher promoted two British national top-eleven UK garage bands, The Genius Cru and DJ Deekline in North West London, for two years. Having DJed at prestigious venues such as City Loud at Turnmills, Ministry of Sound, Defected In The House at Pacha, London Fashion Week, The Loft (Trouble Anderson’s Loft) and Garage City, Christopher’s DJing career took him to Asia, where he travelled extensively. This subsequently led him to remix and produce underground electronic dance music. Throughout this thrilling experience, unfortunately, Christopher’s drug-taking and party lifestyle spiralled out of control, which led to full-blown alcohol and cocaine addiction. After a dark rock bottom, Christopher cleaned up aged twenty-one (summer 2004) and began to do some soul-searching. This led to a deep exploration of the human mind and roads to emotional wellbeing and self-realisation. This has been accomplished through intense self-education and with the invaluable help and guidance of enlightened mentors. In 2005, Christopher co-founded an underground deep house record label, SuCasa Beats. He was the head of A&R from 2005 to 2006. As the driving force behind the label, Dines signed Afro Medusa, Andy Daniel (Defected Records), Marlon D (Defected Records), Steal Vybe, and Pablo Martinez (King Street) and promoted the label at the legendary Plan B club in Brixton, London. While remixing the national-chart hit band Afro Medusa, and artists such as Marlon D, Samba La Casa, Steal Vybe and Onxy (Soul2Soul), mindfulness was gradually becoming a subtle practice. Teacher, trainer and writer (2006 to present) Christopher ‘retired’ from the electronic dance music industry in June 2006 to give public talks on inspirational ideas and self-awareness, and to hold personal development and mindfulness workshops and courses. He trains employers, employees and self-referrals to amplify emotional intelligence, emotional resilience and mindfulness in the workplace. He has led mindfulness meditation workshops for Public Health England (PHE Cambridge), Adult Children of Alcoholics & Dysfunctional Families 32nd Annual Retreat in Arizona (Mingus Mountain, USA), Home Group UK (social enterprise housing association), The Recovery Evolution Festival (Suffolk, UK), The Recovery Hub Drug & Alcohol Rehab (Ipswich, UK), East Coast Recovery Drug and Alcohol Rehab (Suffolk, UK), Rekindling Drug and Alcohol Rehab (Luton, UK), EMI Wealth London (Canary Wharf), wealth management and sales offices, and runs private Mindfulness Burnout Prevention (MBP) courses for professionals at Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden and Chelsea, London. Christopher has facilitated weekly mindfulness classes in Hampstead and Bond Street, London, and has led retreats at Cley-next-the-Sea, North Norfolk. Dines has led dialogues/Q&As with medical students from the University of East Anglia (UEA) with regard to alcohol addiction, process addiction and mindfulness. Christopher is the author of Mindfulness Meditation: Bringing Mindfulness into Everyday Life, Manifest Your Bliss: A Spiritual Guide to Inner Peace, A Ticket to Prosperity: Spiritual Lessons for an Abundant Life (Revised Edition), The Mystery of Belief: How to Manifest Your Dreams, and Mindfulness Burnout Prevention: An 8-Week Course for Professionals. Dines has co-authored The Kindness Habit: Transforming our Relationship to Addictive Behaviours, with medical doctor and wellness pioneer, Dr Barbara Mariposa. Three times #1 New York Times bestseller, the late John Bradshaw, has written the foreword. The Kindness Habit is out now — published by Riverbank Books UK. Christopher blogs for The Huff Post UK. Additionally, Christopher has been working at The Recovery Hub residential rehabilitation centre in Suffolk since May 2016. He also practices private one-to-one mindfulness at The Therapy Room in Norwich, and The Loddon Mill Wellbeing Centre in South Norfolk.
Transcending Fight, Flight, Freeze And Faint

Transcending Fight, Flight, Freeze And Faint Responses

Having walked the earth for roughly 200,000 years, human beings have made incredible progress in a relatively short period of time. We outlived Neanderthals and rose to incredible heights with regard to intellect, creativity, morality, curiosity and self-awareness.
03/10/2017 09:44 BST
Depression: Removing The

Depression: Removing The Stigma

Since the days of ancient Greece, when Hippocrates attempted to uncover more information regarding "melancholia" or "black bile" as it was then referred to, doctors have been striving to understand and treat depression or major depressive disorder as it is now termed by many healthcare professionals.
06/07/2017 12:51 BST
Making Peace With

Making Peace With Anxiety

Many people have reported a similar experience and the medical field is encouraging patients to practise mindfulness regularly to reduce levels of anxiety. Below are some techniques that have worked for me and many others:
25/05/2017 14:19 BST
Healing From Trauma And Frozen

Healing From Trauma And Frozen Grief

The last few weeks have seen some groundbreaking moments with respect to mental health awareness. Prince William created a warm and open dialogue with the pop star, Lady Gaga, with regard to mental illness and the importance of seeking help.
27/04/2017 13:41 BST
Learning To Live With

Learning To Live With Uncertainty

The cardinal principle with respect to addressing uncertainty is to consciously and emotionally let go of trying to control results and to anchor oneself in the present. It is by bathing oneself in the present moment that one can access infinite potential and creativity
24/03/2017 12:01 GMT
Authenticity Is Good For Your Mental

Authenticity Is Good For Your Mental Wellbeing

I have since come to realise that being authentic means that I no longer have to waste energy trying to micro-manage my reality through "people pleasing" and "expecting perfection" from myself and others. Being authentic brings the freedom to let go and loosen my grip of control
05/12/2016 12:54 GMT
Recovering From The Effects Of Growing Up In An Alcoholic

Recovering From The Effects Of Growing Up In An Alcoholic Home

According to Black some adult children can confuse PTSD with PTSS. She explained. "The term posttraumatic stress symptoms (PTSS) is a newer term which describes the more common and less severe short-term trauma responses. And even more will experience consequences more subtle but nonetheless hurtful to their lives."
23/11/2016 11:15 GMT
Super Brain, Super Genes & Alzheimer's - Dr. Rudy Tanzi Interview (Part

Super Brain, Super Genes & Alzheimer's - Dr. Rudy Tanzi Interview (Part Two)

Dr. Tanzi continued. "We say: where do I get things to make me feel good? How do I avoid things that make me feel bad? We're constantly striving for goals that are based on fears and desires based on reality maps that are housed in our subconscious. In the super brain you choose to observe what your brain is doing.
26/10/2016 14:56 BST
Mindfulness Burnout

Mindfulness Burnout Prevention

Overwhelming stress, anxiety and the effects of depression are taking their toll on people from all walks of life. All of us can "burn out" regardless of social or economic status but there is no doubt that financial concerns can place enormous additional strain on those already struggling to juggle the day-to-day pressures of everyday modern life.
03/10/2016 13:17 BST
Walking - A Simple Way To Practise

Walking - A Simple Way To Practise Mindfulness

I have experienced many peaceful walks in the heart of London by applying several simple mindfulness techniques. It comes down to our intention and willingness to accept our current surroundings. Below are a few suggestions to improve mindful walking:
14/09/2016 17:18 BST
Should Spiritual Leaders Stay Out Of

Should Spiritual Leaders Stay Out Of Politics?

If enlightened and tolerant people are not involved in creating a strong political will to effect change for the greater good, then who? The more compassionate people get involved in the political process, the easier it will be to pass compassionate laws. Lastly, spiritual leaders are fellow human beings and have a right to express their views, just like every other citizen.
13/09/2016 15:39 BST
Online Porn

Online Porn Addiction

Generally speaking, many Brits still feel uncomfortable when sex is brought up in a conversation (even the younger generations to whom easy access to online porn is no big deal) and attempt to offset their embarrassment by laughing it off or resorting to smutty innuendo (in true "Carry On" fashion).
06/09/2016 13:06 BST
Self-Love &

Self-Love & Self-Compassion

Self-love and self-care, however, consists of more than just daily meditation, yoga and exercise. Self-love is directing compassion inwards. It is accepting our emotional wounds and having the courage to heal and be empowered.
30/08/2016 11:58 BST
Addiction Or

Addiction Or Addictiveness?

According to Dr Claudia Black, 70% of chemically dependent people will relapse after attempting to get to clean (there are similar studies to that effect in twelve-step fellowships). If real recovery is truly going to permeate our society, an expanded dialogue of the meaning of "addiction" would be helpful.
26/08/2016 13:27 BST