Is Apple About to Teach Us the True Monetary Value of Music?

Imagine Beats 1 radio reaches an audience of 10m. Does one play of Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' on Beats 1, heard by 10m people, generate the same revenue as 10m individual streams of the same song on Apple Music? What's the download equivalent? Just ask Taylor.
22/06/2015 11:48 BST

Existentialism on Main Street: The Rock & Roll Philosophy of Albert Camus

On 4 January 1960 Albert Camus, the writer, absurdist philosopher and beloved intellectual pin-up of post-war France, was returning to Paris from his home in Provence after the Christmas holiday. Just short of his destination, the Facel Vega in which he was a passenger skidded off the road and concertinaed into a tree, killing him instantly.
02/01/2013 16:27 GMT

Kim Jong-il & Vaclav Havel: What Would Hitch Think?

As if losing Hitch on Thursday weren't awful enough, Havel and Kim Jong Il then hammered home the irrefutable fact of his passing by doing likewise, reminding us that Christopher's death means we'll never know precisely what he thinks of theirs.
21/12/2011 23:35 GMT

And For My Next Midlife Crisis: It's A Shame About Ray

Tonight, the Lemonheads will play their best-loved and most successful album <em>It's A Shame About Ray</em>, front to back in the order it was recorded, to yet another sell-out crowd of 30-something males at London's Shepherd's Bush Empire.
11/12/2011 23:48 GMT

Soundtracking 9/11

Radio stations, especially big ones like the BBC's national pop network Radio 1, are prepared for bad stuff happening: it's called 'obit procedure'. When a catastrophic news story breaks, such as the death of a royal family member, each network has an audience-appropriate mix of obituary music on standby that will 'reflect the mood of the nation'.
11/09/2011 15:09 BST