Ciaran Donaghy

Passionate about music, politics, sport and Newcastle United

Ciaran Donaghy is a budding writer who loves nothing more than throwing his angst and opinions at the computer screen. When he realises that shouting at the screen doesn’t exactly do anything, he then takes to writing a few articles to vent said frustration. Ciaran is a passionate supporter of Newcastle United Football Club, which was not exactly the norm given that he grew up in the north of Ireland. Amidst a plethora of Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea fans, Ciaran hung tough with the team he grew up with, and is now saddled with for the rest of his life.

He is an ardent critic of anyone who is not fit or able to represent his beloved club, which at this moment in time, is nearly everyone associated with it; from some mediocre players, right up to the owner himself. He is a fence splitter, not a fence sitter. The marmite of the blogging world, the fly in your ointment. Love him or hate him, you will have an opinion.