Claire Copland

Writer, mother, wife and reforming pessimist

Married to my lovely husband Steve, I’m a mother to two beautiful girls, Amelia and Poppy, and Louis, my little boy who was stillborn at 41 weeks in 2002.
I write about my journey to a happier life again after Stillbirth, focusing on finding the good in life and the ups and downs of parenting our two daughters. I strive for a healthier way of life, being a WAHM and going on adventures whenever life allows.

Six Appeals to Society From a Mother

As if breast vs bottle, career vs homelife or thin vs fat wasn't enough, it seems we can pit women against one another through motherhood vs childless/free too. Is this a media led friction or a genuine issue between women?!
28/06/2016 11:39 BST

Balancing Writing With Motherhood

It makes me feel slightly uneasy, that in 2016 I can still find myself pondering the issue of balancing writing with motherhood - perhaps I should discuss writing and parenthood, as I'm sure there are many father's out there doing a similar juggling act. However, that is not my reality, so I'm going to address the issues I have encountered during the writing and publication of my first novel, Russian Redemption.
07/06/2016 10:38 BST

That Time I Got Everything I Ever Wanted

In the last few years two things have topped my New Year's list time and time again, carrying them forward to each fresh year, unsure of how I would ever actually tick them off, though completely unwilling to let them go.
13/04/2016 12:58 BST

Elective Caesarean After Experiencing Stillbirth

Childbirth is always painful (obviously) but delivering a stillborn child is something different altogether. Such physical participation in your child's death remains an unthinkable experience to those who haven't endured such loss.
02/02/2016 17:19 GMT

The Truth About Grieving for Your Child

My son, Louis, would be 13 years old tomorrow. I have spent all these years silently counting the years - I know the year he would have started primary school, secondary school, I have wondered what kind of birthday parties he would have enjoyed. I look to place him in our world, picturing him on our holidays, at our dinner table, in our house.
06/01/2016 14:28 GMT

The Fine Art Of Dying Well Everyday

I'm dying. You're dying. We're all dying. Deep down we know this, don't we? In life, death really is the only certainty - everything else is subject to change.
27/12/2015 23:13 GMT

Things I Wish I Had Known Before Having a Baby

Now as a mother of two, I can appreciate how utterly under-prepared I was as I began this crazy journey. I certainly don't claim to have all the answers (not even close) but I'd like to offer a helping hand, for what it is worth, to anyone else waddling uncomfortably down the path to motherhood.
27/11/2015 17:47 GMT

The Reality Behind 'Hollyoaks' Stillbirth Storyline

I'm too sensitive, it's true - losing my son left me raw to the world. Pick the scab and I still bleed. Watching my reality played out by actors does pick that scab. Even if I know it's in the name of raising awareness.
29/10/2015 10:05 GMT