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Claire Kirby

Blogger and freelance writer (Life, love and Dirty Dishes)

Clinging onto my thirties but losing my grip. Mum to two boys, living in a house full of Lego. Figuring out this parenting lark one fail at a time. If you've ever been wedged in the rollers at soft play, or forgotten the change bag the day your kid projectiles, you my friend are not alone. Award winning blogger.
To The Kind People - You Are One Of A

To The Kind People - You Are One Of A Kind

I could rant a lot about douche bags, but today I want to shout out to the other type of people you will come into contact with as a parent.  The one's who are kind and thoughtful.  The one's who can make a tough day better.
15/11/2017 13:59 GMT
My Children Are Too Much For

My Children Are Too Much For Me

I have two children and I am done making babies.  I know this with no shadow of a doubt.  Give me a newborn and I will coo and cluck and savour those cuddles, but I won't hand them back and feel a hole that another baby needs to fill.  My two kids are enough for me. Some days my children are too much for me!
18/10/2017 14:05 BST
Why Doesn't Society Value Stay-At-Home

Why Doesn't Society Value Stay-At-Home Mums?

I never expected to be rewarded by society for being a stay-at-home mum. I felt short changed that we had been told we could have it all, the career and the family, and for so many that isn't the case.
14/09/2017 12:20 BST
Seven Simple Rules For Being A Good

Seven Simple Rules For Being A Good Mother

When it comes to being a good mum there is a very definite list of rules. Only no one tells you these. You get to find out these for yourself at the same time as you learn what the hell to do with this baby you just produced that didn't come with a manual, and seems intent on doing the exact opposite of what the baby books said.
19/07/2017 11:36 BST
The Rules For Playing Cafe With A

The Rules For Playing Cafe With A Toddler

Yesterday I ate two slices of pizza, a hot dog, a banana, two strawberries, some corn on the cob, three cakes and an ice cream. All served with cups of tea, and without a single calorie. Of course it was all plastic and served to me by my toddler on tiny plastic plates.
07/06/2017 11:26 BST
Badges Of

Badges Of Honour

First smiles, the first time they sleep through the night, first steps, first day at school. All big milestones for our little ones. But what about the parents? What about the milestones we reach? What about the crap that no one warns you about? The first Poonami.
22/03/2017 15:14 GMT
The Rules For Playing Cars With A

The Rules For Playing Cars With A Toddler

Cars are now his go to choice of things to play with. Although it has been a reminder that my nostalgia with the big one may have been through some rose tinted glasses. Like his brother before him, the little one has a very long and strict set of rules for playing cars with him. And woe betide you break a toddlers rules or code of conduct.
12/10/2016 14:33 BST
How To Deal With Nits In Eight Easy

How To Deal With Nits In Eight Easy Steps

So whilst he was curled up by my side I began a subtle check through his hair. In a matter of seconds I saw the first unmistakable critter. After 10 seconds I had seen another two. My romantic evening flashed before my eyes and I sent the husband an emergency text
01/09/2016 14:17 BST
The Life Cycle of The Summer

The Life Cycle of The Summer Holidays

I'm in panic mode. 6 long weeks with both my boys at home as the summer holidays begin this week. I need to get my arse in gear and plan some fun activities to keep the smalls entertained. If my Facebook news feed or Pinterest is anything to go by they need to be educational, outdoors, homemade, involve a lot of mess, and everyone will have a spiffing time.
20/07/2016 16:08 BST
Push Present: Hell

Push Present: Hell Yes!

I don't readily applaud anything Kanye West does, in fact I think the guy is first class knob, but in the case of his push present for Kim after the birth of Saint, I whole heatedly approve.
13/07/2016 10:33 BST
Family Friendly Hotels: Is There Such a

Family Friendly Hotels: Is There Such a Thing?

I can't be the only parent out there that thinks hotels 'Family Rooms' are more like 'Torture Parents Rooms'. After several overnight stays confined to the one room with the small people, I have decided that no, there is no such thing as a family friendly hotel.
06/06/2016 15:18 BST
Where Do Babies Come

Where Do Babies Come From?

I thought I would be a no nonsense mum when it came to the 'awkward' or 'embarrassing' things that my children would ask. The big questions. I admire those mums who use the correct words for body parts, I really do. But I can't say penis without giggling.
27/05/2016 15:31 BST
DIY Before Kids vs DIY After

DIY Before Kids vs DIY After Kids

The husband and I are complete opposites, and generally our differences compliment each other. We are yin to the others yang. Except when it comes to DIY. The Great Kitchen Tile of 2003 nearly ended in us getting divorced before we were actually married.
11/05/2016 16:27 BST
Why I Don't Have a Five Year

Why I Don't Have a Five Year Plan

Before I became a parent I lived very much for the future. Short term I lived for the weekend and the nights out. Longer term I was all about promotions, property, and marriage proposals. It was all part of the 5 year plan.
03/05/2016 11:09 BST

Pushchair Etiquette

When simple pushchair etiquette is not adhered to it makes me mad. And when I say mad, I mean I will be huffing and puffing, tutting and rolling my eyes, and muttering things about you under my breath. In general being very British about the whole thing. So to save me from looking slightly unhinged please follow these simple rules:
06/04/2016 17:30 BST
The Luxury of Being a Stay at Home

The Luxury of Being a Stay at Home Mum

What does offend me, and make me angry, and makes me need to vent in a post like this, is when I hear people say that being a stay at home mum is a luxury.
08/03/2016 10:06 GMT