Claire Watt-Smith

Award-winning founder of luxe handbag label, BoBelle London - hand made in England

Graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Business Management and French, and a Masters in European Business and Spanish, Claire Watt-Smith set up her fashion accessories label BoBelle London in 2008.

Four years later the brand boasts over 70 stockists including Fenwick's, as well as a collaboration with Marks and Spencer Autograph. In 2012 BoBelle London is launching a new collection, redesigning a new online offering and moving into our new HQ based at Somerset House. The brand’s new ‘Made in Britain’ luxury lines are set to launch in select department stores and on the brand new website,
The Consequences of Not Buying

The Consequences of Not Buying Small

When you run your own company you know and very much appreciate how difficult and tiring it is for others in the same position. Every lead matters. Every sale is valued. Every contact is treasured. I make a point of supporting fellow entrepreneurs.
15/07/2013 16:25 BST
Cracking the Fashion Industry and the Things That Matter

Cracking the Fashion Industry and the Things That Matter Most

I wanted to create something from scratch that I could be proud of. My dream had always been to build a British luxury lifestyle brand that was the antithesis of the prevailing fast fashion trend at the time and I felt that then was my opportunity.
27/09/2012 17:07 BST