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Claire Meadows

Editor in Chief, After Nyne Magazine. Art Prize Judge. Panel Host. Poet

I'm Editor & Founder of After Nyne Magazine, one of the UK's most-respected independent arts publications. I'm passionate about the promotion of rising creatives across the arts spectrum and regularly uses After Nyne Magazine to shine a light on these artists in After Nyne Magazine alongside established names. I'm a Huff Post blogger on the arts and social issues, and write a monthly column for the Oxfordshire-based Faringdon Advertiser. I've curated exhibitions in London and the South-East. 'The Dying Day' and 'Chaos Theory' are published by Tempest Press on Oct 30th 2017

Fierce And Fearless Females (And Fellas) Fight Fibromyalgia

Lady Gaga has never been backwards in coming forwards when it comes to treating her personal life with absolute candour. Over the years she has been in the public eye, she has been forthright about her struggles with eating disorders, mounted a crusade against bullying and given every fragment of her being in support of the LGBTQ community.
20/09/2017 15:18 BST

The Key To Defeating Islamic Extremism Is Tackling Its Ideology

This is not going to happen overnight. Like Lord Evans said, the UK needs to "persevere", but if the Government wants to diffuse the threat of extremism then they must look first to supporting anti-ideological educational initiatives within Muslim communities.
20/08/2017 20:57 BST

Young Masters Art Prize: Eyes On The Future, Echoes Of The Past

The creation of an art prize is an honourable aim, born of a desire to give back to a community fuelled by the need to create. Through the act of creation, artists are leaving a tangible footprint on ground that looks, feels and even tastes and smells all the better for it.
15/06/2017 13:25 BST

Give A Dog A Bone... But Think Twice About Scraps

Apparently, overfeeding and lack of exercise is leading to an obesity crisis among our furry friends with Green Pantry founder and dog nutrition expert Simon Booth saying that if pet owners don't change their ways then the UK will soon be a "'fat dog' country where a very significant proportion of dogs will be too unfit to run and play".
05/05/2017 11:37 BST

In Pursuit Of Truth: Darwin Day And Alfred Russel Wallace

It's widely acknowledged by all who think rationally that we are living in worrying times. I myself have taken to adopting a 'fight or flight' response to watching the news. Should I pull a 'three wise monkeys' and make out like everything is okay? Or do I sink into the breach and confront things head on?
24/04/2017 13:22 BST

Analysing Theresa: Inside the Leadership of Mrs May

Politicians who become PM by accident or circumstance rather than through being opposition leader or winning an election (James Callaghan, John Major, Gordon Brown) often end up disappointing the nation. Behind the surface confidence and episodic displays of clarity of purpose, the signs are mounting that Theresa May could be the next addition to that list.
03/11/2016 11:19 GMT

Orgasmic and Liberating...Why Prince Matters and Always Will

Here was an artist completely at home surrounded by talented female musicians. It was never in a lecherous way. For a man of such overt sexuality his relationship with his female band members was that of a mentor so secure in himself that he was able to let the ladies shine.
24/04/2016 15:27 BST