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Clare McGlynn

Professor of Law, Durham University

Clare McGlynn is an expert on the law relating to sexual violence, image-based sexual abuse (including 'revenge porn' and 'upskirting') and pornography. She works closely with Government, policy-makers and campaigners to reform laws and policies challenging violence against women.
'Revenge Porn' Is A Form Of Sexual

'Revenge Porn' Is A Form Of Sexual Assault

It is vital that it is recognised in law and policy that image-based sexual abuse is indeed a form of sexual violence and that automatic anonymity be granted to all complainants, in the same way as for other sexual crimes. This will help to ensure other victims do not have their names and images shared widely across the media, encouraging more to come forward and report these crimes, or take action in the civil courts as Mischa has done.
19/03/2017 20:29 GMT
Should Porn Be On The School

Should Porn Be On The School Curriculum?

This is the question now being asked following the Government's announcement that it is to make relationships and sex education compulsory in all English schools. And the answer should be an unequivocal yes.
05/03/2017 23:44 GMT
Watching Porn In Public - A Modern Form Of Street

Watching Porn In Public - A Modern Form Of Street Harassment?

But just because the criminal law has little role does not mean viewing porn in public is ok. It's yet another commonplace form of street harassment, of sexual harassment, like having to put up with wolf-whistling. People viewing porn in public know they are making others uncomfortable, or worse.
19/01/2017 17:06 GMT