Cliff Prior

Chief Executive of Big Society Capital, set up to help charities and social enterprises access appropriate and affordable repayable finance

Cliff Prior CBE is Chief Executive of Big Society Capital. Prior to that he was CEO of UnLtd, the UK Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs. UnLtd has supported 13,000 people to start new social ventures.

Before UnLtd, Cliff was CEO of Rethink, the charity for people affected by severe mental illness. His earlier career includes work in counselling, youth, civil rights campaigning, social housing, supported housing, community care, offender resettlement, learning disability, dementia, research and development, and mental health.

Cliff is also a founding trustee of Clore Social Leadership, a non-exec at health innovation agency UCLPartners, and Comic Relief’s UK Grants Committee. He chaired the mission alignment group for the G8 Social Impact Investment Taskforce.

He has been an adviser to Government on health and medicines regulation, NHS modernisation, skills, and civil society.
The First Billion - We're Just Getting

The First Billion - We're Just Getting Started

So for us and all the intermediaries, plus I'm sure many charities and social enterprises, we've come to the top of the first hill just in time to work out how to plan out the mountain range ahead. Time to get started.
08/09/2017 12:00 BST
Working Against the

Working Against the Grain

Sometimes struggles make you stronger. Whether that's coming out of an early life in care, a spell in prison, or the adversity of extreme poverty. There can be a time when you're ready to change, and a time when someone is there to help you forward.
01/08/2016 11:33 BST
Time to Heal

Time to Heal Divides...

We are a divided nation. A disunited kingdom. The referendum divide between Scotland, Northern Ireland, London and a handful of other English cities, and the rest of England and the whole of Wales, was deep. The divide between young and old was even deeper.
04/07/2016 14:25 BST
Will the Lack of Trust in Charities Make Them Too Afraid to

Will the Lack of Trust in Charities Make Them Too Afraid to Innovate

I'm not for a moment saying we shouldn't think and plan and act at our absolute best. But there is little point in our existence unless we can achieve change for people we are here for. The biggest risk of all is failing the people who need us. Let's urge charities on, let's give them the room to breathe, and our support to take courage.
30/06/2016 15:47 BST