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Connor Parker

Intern, HuffPost UK

I’m currently an editorial intern at HuffPost UK. Instead of working with one set team, I'm rotating around each desk producing original journalism for all of them. I’ve covered for news, lifestyle and entertainment, and worked alongside the social media team. Before I joined HuffPost I completed an MA in Print Journalism at the University of Sheffield, and I before I moved to London I had never lived anywhere else other than South Yorkshire. My upbringing outside of the capital has given me a different view on the issues that really matter to real people, and a different sense of who I angle my journalism towards. This is why I’m particularly interested in the HuffPost’s mission to get rid of London-centrism and produce journalism for all people in the UK. You can reach me at
Oprah Pays Tribute To Nelson Reuters

Oprah Pays Tribute To Nelson Mandela

America talk show host and superstar Oprah Winfrey was in South Africa to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela when she gave a speech University of Johannesburg. He died on December 5, 2013 and would have been 100 this year.
29/11/2018 18:26 GMT
Where's Commons MSC

Where's Zuckerberg?

A grand committee that featured lawmakers from nine different countries met in London to investigate the impact of disinformation on Facebook was having on democracy. They requested Mark Zuckerberg answer questions before them, but instead the American tech giant sent Lord Allan, their Director of Policy in Europe, instead - much to the outrage of the committee.
27/11/2018 19:52 GMT
UAE Releases PhD Student Arrested For PA

UAE Releases PhD Student Arrested For Spying

The United Arab Emirates has released Durham PhD student Matthew Hedges after an international outcry and intense lobbying from the British government. He was detained on May 5 in Dubai, when he was on a two week research trip to the country. He was charged with spying and was sentenced to life in prison on November 21. His wife Daniela Tejada said his release was “the best possible news” and she’d been “brought back to life”.
26/11/2018 16:53 GMT
Easter Islanders Want Statue Sky

Easter Islanders Want Statue Back

The governor of Easter Island has tearfully begged the British museum to return one of their iconic statues to their island. The Hoa Hakananai’a currently sits at the entrance to the free gallery in the museum but is considered one of the most important spiritual icons to the Rapa Nui culture. The island is part of Chile but it is one of most remote places on earth, over 3500 km from South America.
22/11/2018 15:23 GMT
What Is The

What Is The OPCW?

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) was established in 1997 to help destroy the stockpiles of global chemical weapons. It’s annual conference this November looks to be contentious, with Russia under fire for its role in the Skripal poisonings and for attempting to hack The Hague headquarters.
19/11/2018 17:43 GMT