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Conor Drum

Actor, comedian and writer from Dublin, based in London.

A regular on the UK and Ireland comedy circuit, Dublin-born Conor, who is now based in Central London, has performed on both RTÉ and BBC's New Comedy Awards, as well as all over the world from Barcelona to Hollywood. He has brought several shows to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and will return in 2017 with his show 'All My Friends Are Dead'.

Conor has also featured in several shorts, commercials and plays. In 2014, the Irish comedy Scratch, in which he starred, was named one of the Top 12 Short Films of the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival.

‘Delivers high quality material’ (Skinny).
'A skilled raconteur' (MumbleComedy).
‘Very shrewd observational humour’ (
‘Brilliant’ (

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