Coorous Mohtadi

A senior member of the MathWorks technical specialist team

Coorous Mohtadi is a senior member of the MathWorks technical specialist team supporting universities focusing on the application of MATLAB and Simulink in laboratories and curriculum development. He is interested in finding synergies between industry and academia. He has been supporting design and development in industry and universities for the last 7 years at MathWorks.

Prior to joining MathWorks in 2007, Coorous was the European technical manager for temperature, process control, and component products at Omron Electronics Europe and the chief control engineer at Eurotherm Controls. During 1980s he was also a postdoctoral research fellow at University of Oxford, U.K. and University of Alberta, Canada. Coorous holds a D.Phil. in model-based predictive control and Masters in engineering science, both from University of Oxford. His paper on generalised predictive control has over 3500 citations and his industrial algorithms forms the core of extremely successful Eurotherm Controls 2000 series of products.