Courtney Pruce

Personal Trainer and CLIF Bar Ambassador

Courtney is a professionally trained dancer and qualified personal trainer who recently appeared as a dancing debutante in the blockbuster hit Beauty and the Beast. Courtney is currently an ambassador for energy bar brand, CLIF Bar. Follow on Instagram @courtneypruce
Transitioning Your Summer Fitness Routine Into

Transitioning Your Summer Fitness Routine Into Autumn

Bright and warm 6am starts, longer evenings and workouts in the park. Summer is the best time of the year to be active and get out of just using the gym. But then autumn creeps in, then winter comes. The days start getting shorter, darker and colder.
27/09/2017 11:06 BST
Beat The

Beat The Heat

I've recently just been on holiday and managed to get my workouts in every day, in twenty minutes or less, without having to trek off to the gym on my own, miss out on the sun and not do the things I wanted to do.
11/09/2017 14:58 BST