Craig Crossland

Top 10 Lists? Got That Covered, Bro!

Yo, people! If I am not compiling top 10 lists then I am either watching Van Damme films or drink beers. Sometimes I mix things up and I try and get Van Damme in to top 10 lists which is always fun. I prefer retro games to new games and my music taste ranges from 80s new wave bands to hardcore metal bands.

10 Things That You All Hate (Funny Google Autosuggestions)

Basically, Google tries to guess what you may be searching for by autocompleting your query. They do this by using data from previously searched queries by other people. Below we have compiled 10 funny things that people hate so much they have turned to Google.
17/10/2013 12:55 BST

Top 10 Hottest Desperate Housewives Characters

With eight series branching over eight years, the dramedy-mystery was popular amongst the female population with its storylines which not only left you wanting more, but made any domestic dwelling seem miniscule in comparison. But it was also popular amongst the males too for obvious reasons.
13/08/2013 16:16 BST

Top 10 Female Body Parts Men Love

Okay guys, are you ready for the top 10 body parts that you like about woman? Of course you are! The following list isn't our interpretation of what we think other men may like; but in fact, the post was compiled using an online poll where over 500 of you voted.
13/01/2013 15:47 GMT