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Damiano La Rocca

Social Entrepreneur - Accessible travel consultant

Damiano La Rocca is the director of Seable Holidays, a tour operator that organises holidays for visually impaired and wheelchair users. He has been tailoring holidays since 2013, giving the chance to improve well-being while on vacation with active and accessible tailored holiday offers. He graduated at the London Metropolitan University with a BA in International Tourism Management. Seable Holidays was born at the university’s business incubator, “the Accelerator”. He received 2 awards from Unltd in 2013 and 2014 for the great work achieved by the Social enterprise and 20K grant. More recently he has been awarded by the “Rotary International” for the commitment into creating opportunities into the life of disabled people.

Accessible Tourism. My Weekend In Turin

I have recently been to Torino, in the north west Italy, and I pleasantly discovered that it is a city that has chosen to dismantle many of those insurmountable barriers; thus becoming one of Italy's favourite destination of tourism for the disabled.
16/03/2017 15:40 GMT

How Moving to London Inspired Me to Start My Own Business

As many in my generation will have experienced, I left high school full of self-doubt and confusion about my future. I certainly didn't have a plan about what to do with my life and the idea of running my own business seemed completely alien to me. The only thing I was sure about is that I wanted to improve my English. So at a young age I took the plunge and moved from my hometown in Italy to the capital of the UK, full of nerves and anticipation for my future.
14/12/2015 12:59 GMT