Dan Allen

Thinker. Writer. Entrepreneur. Pop Culture Nut. Sharing stories and thoughts from a life in Media & Technology

I write because I love it and I want to share what wisdom I may have with those who can use it. I have a strong belief in the power of people to drive change when their passions and abilities are combined and focussed. I also have a strong belief in, and understanding of, the power of popular culture of all kinds - particularly TV, music, movies, and sports - and the impacts popular culture has on people and their behaviours. I have worked mainly in the worlds of popular culture with businesses and people in the fields of TV entertainment, film, publishing, social media, marketing and sports. My experience covers a broad range of disciplines, employers and partners including global media businesses, major professional firms, SMEs and start-ups. I seek to inspire and unlock the power of people to achieve their goals and ambitions through writing, speaking, co-founding start-ups, advising and directorships.