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Economy Fares, 1st Class Service: Return Of Ocean Liners For Destination Travel

The US Government is seriously considering banning laptops and computer tablets from airliners travelling from Europe to America due to ever increasing terrorist threats. This plus smaller economy class seats and the higher costs of trans-Atlantic flights may signal a return to ocean liners for destination travel.
17/05/2017 16:33 BST

Diversity Issue Boosts Oscar Telecast Ad Revenue

The average cost of a 30-second spot in this year's three-hour-plus telecast to be $1.9 million to $2 million, a double-digit bump versus last year and an all-time record, per Kantar Media figures. In the end, the total is expected to reach $114 million.
01/03/2016 12:56 GMT

The Lonely Sailor on a Double Occupancy Ship

There are 2,600 passengers on the Queen Mary 2's routine milk run 27 August from Southampton to New York, and from the look of things I must be the loneliest person on her. But it's not for lack of activities, of which there are more than enough to fill anyone's day and night.
28/08/2015 13:10 BST

Corbyn, Trump: More in Common Than They Would Admit

With Britain now economically one of Europe's strongest nations, unemployment down and inflation at record lows, Corbyn's tax and spend plan would send the UK back to the days when the wealthy would leave for tax havens abroad. And the nation would sink into debt and even currency devaluation.
21/08/2015 13:59 BST

Jihadist Youth: Look to UK Parents

The job the PM has is to convince the Muslim community, especially parents, that integration into UK society is the best way to protect their children. Does the UK now need a US style pledge? It couldn't hurt.
22/07/2015 10:00 BST

If Blatter Won't Go, Fifa Might Have To

The scandal enveloping FIFA should have come of no great surprise...Football fans and pundits have long known about slush funds and payola. But it was tolerated, a reason why Sepp Blatter has been elected its head five successive times.
01/06/2015 10:45 BST

Douglas Carswell Should Call for Ukip Leadership Election

Carswell should be interim party leader and call for a vote on who the permanent head should be. If Farage wants to be considered, fine. But as things stand now, the party is being lead by a lame duck... a man who lost but refuses to leave, staying on not by popular demand but buy request of some of his lieutenants.
18/05/2015 09:55 BST

The Newsroom Letdown: From Reality to Absurdity

I loved the first two seasons of The Newsroom. Maybe it's just nostalgia after being a hack for 50 years. Yes, it's melodramatic and not totally realistic, but maybe that's why I like the show.
12/12/2014 02:34 GMT

What US Refused to Believe: Without Saddam Iraq's Fate would be Sealed

With Iraq it was a case of naivety, blind stupidity or a gamble that has been first gradually and now speedily evolving the wrong way thanks to a new player the Syrian war created called ISIS. It's an extremist pan Islamic war machine determined to create a Mid East wide caliphate. And it may force NATO back into this land...this time oil is at stake...the magic phrase for military action.
16/06/2014 11:20 BST

Ukip in Government? No So Far-Fetched Now

What Nick Clegg and his Lib-Dem colleagues should have learned from their poll disaster is that hard and fast political dogma is suicidal in the changing fortunes of time. Their steadfast support for the UK's European Union membership, in spite of all popular opinion polls showing negative views of the EU, sealed their fate...
28/05/2014 13:18 BST

Ukraine: The West Defending Democracy or Just Playing Politics?

America and the European Union are playing politics, not defending democracy in rushing to support the revolutionary government in Ukraine. On the other hand, Russia's invasion of the country mutes its legitimate view that this was nothing more than an undemocratic coupe.
06/03/2014 10:47 GMT