Dan Gandesha

Founder and CEO, Property Partner

I’m the founder and CEO of UK-based property crowdfunding platform Property Partner. I’m a chartered accountant but moved into tech startups and now run a leading property investment platform in London. We enable anyone to buy shares in property, similar to the way you invest in stocks, and have a unique secondary market which allows investors to trade their property shares. My aim is to build a global property stock exchange. I write about property, tech, finance, investment and business.
What Brexit Means for UK

What Brexit Means for UK Property

While "Leave" has won the day, we believe that for the UK housing market in general and Property Partner in particular, the watchword is "Remain". It is going to seem like a helter-skelter for all markets for the next few months, but the medium and long-term prospects for UK residential property remain strong. In the end, people need somewhere to live.
27/06/2016 17:10 BST
The Scandal of London's Empty

The Scandal of London's Empty Homes

It would be stating the blindingly obvious to say that London has a housing crisis. But before you flip to the next article, ponder this: in a city with a chronic housing shortage, how can there be so many empty flats owned by overseas investors, and our own London borough councils?
31/05/2016 14:17 BST