Dan Murdoch

Producer, director and author who specialises in documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4

Dan started his career in print, working his way from a trainee reporter at The Surrey Herald to the Home News desk at The Times and then the Associated Press. In 2008 his first book, Trabant Trek (Signal Books), was published charting his seven-month overland journey from Germany to Cambodia in an old $200 East German Trabbi made mostly of plastic. He also filmed his journey, his first foray into broadcast, with the results making a 16-part series for the Travel Channel and being broadcast in more than 100 countries.

Stints at the BBC followed, leading investigations into the surveillance state, legal highs and policing methods as well as spells working undercover on consumer shows Watchdog, Rogue Traders and the Secret Tourist.

In the last year he set up and produced Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Trial for Channel 4, before winning the BBC’s prestigious Fresh competition for first-time directors. The result is Transsexual Teen, Beauty Queen, an observational documentary following the world’s youngest transsexual, Jackie Green, as she seeks physical and emotional acceptance through the famous Miss England beauty pageant. Dan filmed, directed and narrated the 60-minute film, to be screened on BBC3 in November 2012.
Directing Transsexual Teen, Beauty

Directing Transsexual Teen, Beauty Queen

The development team at Renegade Pictures found Jackie's story in the Metro - world's youngest transsexual to take on Miss England beauty pageant. They got hold of a number, it arrived on my desk, and from the moment Jackie answered I knew she would be great on camera.
18/11/2012 17:05 GMT