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Dan White

writer/columnist/artist/ambassador/speaker creator of DEPT OF ABILITY

I am creator of the soon-to-be globally published, groundbreaking graphic novel The Dept of Ability, five diverse, quirky disabled Superheroes saving our collective backsides! I am also a writer, a columnist for the UKs leading Disability lifestyle magazine, artist, global speaker on Inclusion and Disability, Charity Ambassador, proud father to a wheelchair user and all round good egg...unless you don't wish to talk diversity or inclusion. Agent Jess Buckman
Fly Me To The Moon... Not

Fly Me To The Moon... Not JFK

Moaner. That's the image I am getting lumbered with. A middle-aged man constantly prattling on about lack of disability care and the image this brilliant community often gets lumbered with by politicians and papers. One day I'll lighten up, honest, it's just that until that day I will huff and stomp around like someone constantly looking for the exit in a comedy club run by Jeremy Vine.
17/05/2017 14:35 BST
Access For Everyone, We Live In

Access For Everyone, We Live In Hope

Our local playground is the communal hub near Emily's school, and not only can she not access it in her wheelchair, but she can't even play on any equipment. When we sent an email of this nature to the local council, I think we terrified the park's department into opening that said file and diving straight to chapter four.
24/03/2017 14:54 GMT
The World Needs More Disabled

The World Needs More Disabled Superheroes

Dan and Emily White are the co-creators of The Department of Ability, a comic book that tells the story of a gang of five physically disabled superheroes who use their disabilities to save the world. The comic was born when they noticed that not only was there a huge shortage of relevant heroes for Emily to look up to, but also a significant lack of positive representation of disabled people in the media and in literature.
01/02/2017 10:16 GMT