Daniel W Smith

It isn’t a liberal bias if it’s the cold hard facts

I moved up to the north from Rugby; leaving my very middle class neighbourhood and family to go to university in September 2009 and since then I have made Stoke-on-Trent my home. I began my studies in film and media; a subject steeped in theory and essay writing. As I progressed through my degree I found that my passion for my subject was waning and while I passed my degree with good grades I found my time was better spent in the politics and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) societies. While in these places I developed my passion not only for politics, but also for fundamental human rights. During my time at university I have varied on the political spectrum, I have swung from the Conservative right to where I find myself now: a centralised left. I used to consider the concept of foreign aid and the concept of a European Union to be contrary to the welfare of Britain. However, after much studying I have learnt that neither of the above are a threat to British society. Even though I’m young; politics are important to me, this country and indeed the world as they shape the entirety of the human experience and as such political issues should be shouted about from the rooftops.

In terms of my experience, since April 2013 I have written my own political blog where I have amassed over 11,000 readers and a respectable following. Also in this time I found myself writing for During the month that I worked there I wrote over 60 articles and really developed my skills as a writer. I find it is important to connect with your readers; I like to mix a comedic and serious tone in what I do. I like to think as what I do as both entertainment and informative and therefore I wish to demonstrate my passion by writing for your newspaper.