Daniel Warner



Dreams Of A Life - The Story of Joyce Vincent

A couple of weeks ago I saw that 'Dreams of a Life' was being shown on Channel 4. Directed by Carol Morley it tells the story of Joyce Vincent, a woman who died alone and lay undiscovered for three years.
08/03/2013 13:27 GMT

The Gays Are Getting Married? Let Them Eat Cake!

When did equality suddenly become the byword for conforming and becoming boring? Yes, we all want what they've got but at what price? Are we marrying for love, for a laugh or just because we can?
12/02/2013 13:47 GMT

Jodie Foster and the Silence of the Gays

I like Jodie Foster. She comes across as a focused, successful, beautiful and loving woman, who just happens to be gay, and maybe by concentrating on her family and career, rather than her identifying herself publicly as a lesbian for the last twenty years, that's exactly what people should accept her for.
16/01/2013 10:12 GMT

Reasons To Stay Home Alone On New Year's Eve

I've realized that the start of a new year is more a time for reflection rather than going out, downing shots, being sick on my favourite shoes and then trying desperately to find a cab home.
31/12/2012 15:48 GMT

So You're Single at Christmas? So What?

They say Christmas is about giving, about sharing and about being with the ones you love, which is a load of sentimental old tosh. It's about getting drunk, receiving underwear you wouldn't be caught dead in and tolerating behavior from people you normally wouldn't be seen dead with.
18/12/2012 12:47 GMT

They Screw You Up, Your Mum and Dad, But Only if You Let Them

The funniest thing about today? My dad picked me up in an old transit van, full of newspaper, rubbish and dust from his working week and he said to me "You don't mind me picking you up in the van do you son? You must remember us always driving around like this when you were a boy?"
04/12/2012 16:21 GMT

Bisexuality: Is It Fun, Non Committal or Just Plain Greedy?

When people described themselves as being bisexual I automatically assumed they were gay (if male), trying to make themselves more interesting (if female) or desperate to broaden their appeal and fan base (if famous). I thought saying you're bisexual was just a cop out, just like saying you're a Liberal Democrat.
25/11/2012 21:24 GMT

Obama's Divas Versus Romney's Demons

Barack Obama got a second term on the strength of his convictions, his policies, his celebrity endorsements and the fact that America needs him as leader.
08/11/2012 13:47 GMT

Trick, Treat or Tequila Shot?

I may live in the Royal Borough Of Greenwich but the part I live in is more rough than Royal and every other day can feel like Halloween. People demanding treats with menaces is a weekly occurrence, it just happens to be that my neighbours call them bailiffs.
01/11/2012 15:51 GMT

Are Celebrity Endorsements the Reason We Only Get What We Pay For?

A sports car won't make you grow a bigger penis and a spritz of Chanel will never bag you a Brad Pitt so don't buy into it. A smear of lipstick won't leave you looking like Kate Moss and all the isotonic sports drinks in the world won't give you thighs like Chris Hoy.
24/10/2012 12:40 BST

Can We Please Put The EX In X Factor?

I hate <em>X Factor</em>. I make no secret of it. It infuriates, upsets and troubles me. It's like a manipulative ex who the rest of the family love but whom was actually inherently mad, bad and dangerous to know.
11/10/2012 00:30 BST

Fear of being Forty? Welcome to the Bonfire of Your Vanity

It's like I didn't take the phone call from middle age but it's left me a voicemail saying "I've reserved a place for you in your early forties, can you hurry up and confirm your coming only the demand is high and you'll be shoved back in economy if you don't claim your ticket soon".
27/09/2012 15:53 BST

So What if I'm Single? I'm Not Contagious

I don't mind being single. I like the freedom it gives me and I absolutely love sleeping alone. There is nowhere in the world more fun than my bed - even when I'm the only one in it.
23/09/2012 20:11 BST