Daniel Wood


My name is Daniel Wood. I am a Labour Party member and I have worked for several MPs, as a parliamentary assistant. I'm from the 'Deep South' of London and went to the University of Birmingham, where I studied Political Science. Follow me on Twitter: @DCWood1986
Ed Miliband Can't

Ed Miliband Can't Lose

It is bandied about by the press that the 2015 general election will be competitive. Naturally, sustaining such a narrative sells papers. However, when observing the statistics with an impassive and unpartisan mindset, one realises that not only is the general election Labour's to lose; it is almost inconceivable that the party could lose it.
17/11/2013 22:32 GMT
Cameron's Major

Cameron's Major Problem

Sir John is fulfilling his new, self-appointed role of Conservative Social Conscience-in-chief with a devastating efficiency and much aplomb. Indeed, he's sending shock waves through Westminster, which can never be a bad thing if it keeps a government on its toes.
13/11/2013 12:00 GMT
Thatcher's True

Thatcher's True Heir

I am 100 per cent convinced that Ed Miliband has courage, conviction and passion like no prime minister, since Margaret Thatcher left Downing Street. In that sense, he is her heir.
24/04/2013 10:45 BST
Day Thatcher Warmed to the

Day Thatcher Warmed to the Left

Meeting Margaret Thatcher was one of the most bizarre and most memorable experiences of my life. That is because the Thatcher I met was not the Thatcher I had expected to meet.
15/04/2013 12:06 BST
How To Save A Life -

How To Save A Life - HMV's

here are other, equally as significant reasons, why the UK's sole surviving entertainment chain has seen its fortunes collapse. These are what I believe those shortcomings are and here is what I think could have been done/should now be done to rectify them.
17/01/2013 14:44 GMT
What Next for James

What Next for James Bond

The fact that Judi Dench's M is certainly a match for the intelligence, professionalism and cunning of Daniel Craig's Bond should mean the producers have greater license to provide for Bond girls like Miss Goodnight, from <em>The Man with the Golden Gun</em>.
18/11/2012 10:57 GMT
Nick Clegg Need Not Be Home

Nick Clegg Need Not Be Home Alone!

Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, announced today that his ambition for a mansion tax has been "delayed", by the Conservatives. One envisages a forlorn Nick, his toy train's sparkly wheel vandalised by the careless, booted foot of the Tory party.
16/01/2012 14:25 GMT
We're Not Ready For An EU

We're Not Ready For An EU Referendum

The question of our EU membership is so much more important than any on voting systems that we cannot allow this to happen again. Whether we are in or out, our relationship with Europe will have a profound impact upon the future of our economy, defence policy, foreign policy and social and employment law.
03/11/2011 15:16 GMT
When Will Stephen Twigg

When Will Stephen Twigg It?

Since Ed Miliband's Shadow Cabinet reshuffle, debate has been reignited regarding the policies Labour should be taking forward. No policy suggestion, though, has received anywhere near the backlash of Stephen Twigg's proposal that the Party should embrace the Government's free schools agenda.
20/10/2011 23:37 BST
The Property Ladder is

The Property Ladder is Broken

We have heard the Prime Minister goad the unions, price-up our forests, tinker with our NHS and, more recently, react to the mess of the phone hacking scandal, but we have heard him say next to nothing in regard to the shortage of housing - one of the main concerns facing young people.
20/07/2011 15:57 BST