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Daniel Woods

Freelance Journalist covering Business, Politics, Science and Technology

Freelance Journalist covering Business, Politics, Science and Technology

Is iPhone X The Beginning Of The End For Apple?

Apple's new flagship smartphone the iPhone X will be in public hands by the end of the week. With an entry-level price just one pound short of four figures at £999, it will be Apple's most expensive iPhone ever setting a new benchmark for a brand synonymous with high prices.
02/11/2017 15:54 GMT

David Cameron Is Not the Only Leader That Should Resign - Jeremy Corbyn Has to Go

The only positive I can draw from this is that Jeremy Corbyn cannot possibly survive as leader of the Labour Party. It was Labour voters that lost this referendum. Corbyn's leadership and ability, even willingness, to convey his message were non-existent. He woefully failed to connect with voters in the traditional Labour heartlands who rejected his leadership emphatically, opting for Leave perhaps in their millions.
24/06/2016 10:02 BST

Trusting David Cameron on the Economy Is Anathema... Here's Why

The national debt doubled, wages stagnating, insecure and low paid work rampant, living standards falling and basic quality of life - having a vocation, a home, a family, being able to eat - becoming ever harder to obtain. The barometers of real economic health - wage growth, household debt, government debt, and productivity - are all pointing the wrong way.
21/04/2015 11:16 BST

If This Is a Plan Working...

The prologue to this election has been a narrative of disaffection and apathy among the public over a lack of real choices, real differences between the main players. But I don't see that - I see big differences, and very clear choices.
16/01/2015 11:09 GMT

Demystifying Corporate Tax Avoidance

Over the last year corporation tax has surged up the political agenda. Partly due to grandstanding by the public affairs committee, and partly due to an increased public appetite for tax justice in the present austerity context...
14/10/2013 11:40 BST

Thatcher a Month on - Time For Some Sober Reflection?

Mrs Thatcher was not universally adored, and the public ceremony she was accorded, unsurprisingly riled the many Britons who did not prosper during her time in office. For them, the tide of effusive public tributes were indulgent, partisan displays of hero worship.
30/05/2013 14:22 BST

The Cost of Putting Ideology Before Reason

Being in government is a privilege. You have the power to influence peoples lives for the better. But at present this government is betraying that responsibility. Theory, and ideology is important, but it stands or fails on real world outcomes.
31/03/2013 09:58 BST

The Conceits of Modern Conservatism

David Cameron did a good job of changing the way the Conservatives were perceived. He made them electable by painting the picture of a more centre ground, caring, inclusive political party. But this portrait, so carefully rendered, has turned out to be a highly idealised one.
16/03/2013 22:42 GMT