Danielle Manton-Kelly

Female Entrepreneur, Mother of three, Teacher, Professional Lego Dodger

with my first Daughter: "Yay I'm pregnant.......oh crap, I've still got two years of University to go!"

With my second Daughter: "Yay I'm pregnant again......oh crap, I've just qualified as a teacher and NEED to complete my NQT year!"

With my third Daughter "Yay I'm pregnant again....oh crap, I've just left my regular job in order to launch a new business!"
Needless to say I don't tend to do things the easy way.
Juggling being a mother, a student, a teacher and now business owner has definitely been tough, but by heck I've learnt a lot over the past eight years.

This blog is a frank open and honest insight what I've learnt so far about the lego minefield that is parenting.

I hope you enjoy.