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Danny Bent

Happiness Guru

Happiness Guru. Runner. Story Teller. Adventurer. Founder of Project Awesome. Danny was voted one of the happiest people in the UK. He founded the most fun workout tribe in the UK,, he has cycled from London to India, Pogoed Across Togo (simply because it rhymed) and orchestrated a 3300 mile relay across the United States raising $600,000 for the people affected by the Boston Marathon bombings. He loves trail running and creating communities, has competed for Team GB and is also the World Record Holder at Bog Snorkelling Triathlon. If you fancy glitter, energy and happiness in your life (or office) get in touch at
Episode 2 - BBC2 'Special Forces': Ultimate Hell

Episode 2 - BBC2 'Special Forces': Ultimate Hell Week

'Point a gun in my face' or 'make me carry it above my head for hours'? Prior to Hell Week I'd probably have chosen the latter, but after 48hrs of Israeli hell I was wishing someone would put a bullet in my brain to stop the suffering.
11/09/2015 15:54 BST
BBC2 Special Forces Ultimate Hell Week: Inside

BBC2 Special Forces Ultimate Hell Week: Inside Story

I've completed Ironman triathlons, raced in my countries team kit, cycled 9,000 miles from London to India, broken world records, taken part in European CrossFit competitions amongst other crazy sporting challenges. I'd survived falling 10m off a cliff face, I'd endured a 50mph bicycle accident, and suffered sickness in India like no other. How much tougher could this be?
03/09/2015 17:32 BST
Lost on the Isle of

Lost on the Isle of Skye

Thoughts of dying on the mountains fizzed through my mind. We'd been up here for 10 hours now and although the sun barely set this North we knew that if it got any lower the temperatures would plummet. Looking around at the cliff faces that dominated the small amount of visions we had I began to panic and once the gang saw that in my eyes I saw it spread to them too.
16/07/2015 15:26 BST
Put Some Adventure Into Your

Put Some Adventure Into Your Run

You remember that feeling when you were a kid racing round the running track. When did you lose that buzz, the love of running you used to get each time you pulled on your trainers?
13/07/2015 17:53 BST